How to Make a Fake Virus without coding.

Make a Fake Virus : How to create a virus & how to make a computer virus is most demanding this days. People search for the tricks for how to make virus & create a computer virus easily. Today, we are sharing the best ways on how to make a computer virus easily an exclusive sharing by.

How to Make a Fake Virus for free

This works fine in Windows 8/8.1 as well, but looks much scarier in Windows 98/XP/Vista/7, with a countdown-timer to accompany it.

This is not a virus, this is just a tool to scare your loved ones. The computer will shut-down after one double-clicks on the icon, and can be started normally once again.

Steps to Make a Fake Virus without coding

1. Right click on desktop screen, and create a New Shortcut.

2. The following prompt will pop up (on windows 8.1, but similar on all other versions of Window:

Now type in the following code in “Type the location of the item”:

shutdown -s -t 20 -cTricks By STG

The 20 is the time period in seconds. The computer will shut down after that time. It can be changed to any time period that the creator of the virus wants.

3. Click Next, and wait for the following screen. Fill in the name of the icon:

  1. Your fake virus is ready! Now, to give it an authentic feel, right-click on the shortcut and go to properties>change icon. Select an icon of your choice, and delete the original icon from the desktop.

At the end, it looks something like this:

Now whenever your unsuspecting friend will click on it, he will get a error message showing your custom-made message to him, and the computer will shut down after the pre-defined time period!

How to Make a Fake Virus- Type 2

This is not a virus, this is just a tool to scare your loved ones. A command prompt will open after one double-clicks on the icon, and can be simply closed again.

1. Open a notepad file:

2. Type in the following:

@echo off
echo virus downloaded
goto lol

Here is the code broken down:

@echo off = this must be at the beginning of every command.

:lol = this is just a name for a command. It can be changed: for example, :virus. But the : must always be at the beginning.

echo = This is what you want your command to say. For example, “echo HOW ARE YOU TODAY”.  For this to work, you need to put echo in front of the sentence, otherwise it will come up as a system error.

goto lol = To know that we are going back to :lol (or :virus). This will basically repeat every command after :lol (or :virus).

3. You need to save the file as a .bat file

  1. And done. You can again change the icon as you want.
    If you wish to waste someone’s time, can also edit the command as  follows:

@echo off
echo Please wait a moment. Don’t close this prompt. A virus is being removed…
goto lol

The end command, when double clicked, looks like this:

It’s a system32 file, so scares a lot of people.

How to Make a Fake Virus – Type 3:

This is again as easy as the others, but is equally irritating. I found it on Create a Fake Prank Virus – Awesome Harmless and Easy. and the procedure can be found in extreme detail there.

1. Open Notepad or Notepad++.

Here is the code to generate message box in windows computer.

X=MsgBox(“Message Description”,0+16,”Title”)

Type the above code in Notepad and save this notepad on your desktop, Give it some convincing name like “My Computer” and Save file as .vbs extension.

  1. Understanding the code:

In above Code  X=MsgBox(“Message Description”,0+16,”Title”)  here is the explanation of this code.

You can write any number from 1,2,3 or 4 instead of 0 (before the ‘+’ symbol).
Below is the meaning of these numbers:

0 = OK Button,
1 = OK / Cancel Button,
2 = Abort / Retry / Ignore Button,
3 = Yes / No / Cancel Button,
4 = Yes / No Button,
5 = Retry / Cancel Button

  1. You can write 32 or 48 or 64 instead of 16.
    Below is the meaning of each number:

16 = Critical Icon,
32 = Help Icon,
48 = Warning Icon,
64 = Information Icon,

Type the above code with your message, desired button, icon and title, one line of code generates one message box so you need to write above code in separate line to generate another message box like

X=MsgBox(“Error while opening Computer. Do you want to Fix this Error?”,4+64,”Computer”)
X=MsgBox(“Unable to Fix this Error. Do you want to scan this Computer”,3+48,”Computer”)

  1. “Save As” the file with a .vbs extension. Each line of the code will pop up as a notification box, and can be used to prank anyone. Please change the icon as explained in the first Virus prank.

A video of this virus can be found by searching on youtube for “How to Create a Awesome (Harmless) Computer Virus Prank (Fake Virus)”

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