MobiKin Doctor for Android Review: A Trustworthy Tool to Recover Android Data

Currently, mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our lives, and our mobile phones go with us almost anywhere. Digital devices help us a lot. However, even though smartphones are extremely smart, it doesn’t mean that data loss will not occur.

Data loss is an unexpected and depressing thing that usually brings troubles to work and life. When we lose important files accidentally on our Android devices, we’d better restore data from backup immediately.

But what if we don’t have a backup? For example, you delete a useful file by mistake before backing it up. How can you get the deleted file back? In this situation, MobiKin Doctor for Android can solve this problem. Next, this post will share this Android data recovery tool with you.

About MobiKin Doctor for Android

MobiKin Doctor for Android is an effective recovery program for Android phones and tablets. It is good at recovering deleted contacts, text messages, photos, documents, call logs, music, and more. Furthermore, it is capable of data recovery from Android internal and external storage space.

You can use this recovery software to recover data:

  • From Android internal memory.
  • From SD cards.
  • On most Android devices.
  • Without a network.

Features of MobiKin Doctor for Android

Why do many people choose this recovery software? After you know about its main features, you will know the answer.

Support Various Data Types on Android

There is a wide range of file types on Android devices. As a comprehensive recovery program, MobiKin Doctor supports most Android data types, including videos, audios, contacts, call history, SMS, photos, and documents.

Android Device and SD Card Data Recovery

As mentioned above, it can recover data from Android devices and SD cards. It can recover data from both places simultaneously when you connect a device with a micro SD card to the computer. What’s more, you can complete the SD card data recovery without root.

Offer Two Scanning Modes

For user convenience, it provides 2 available scanning modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan can find your deleted data faster, which is a time-saving choice. Deep Scan can scan your phone and memory card deeply to recover more files. During the test, it found the files that were lost a long time ago.

Support Data Preview before Recovery

After it scans out your Android data, you can directly preview the detailed files on the interface. That is, you can view and select which deleted files you want to recover without hassle.

Back Up Existing Data

Backup is vital to avoid losing data again. Thus, this software also has a backup feature. It can display your existing data, allow you to pick what you want, and transfer the selected files to your computer for backup.

How to Use MobiKin Doctor for Android

It is easy to use this program to recover Android data.

  • Download the software on your computer, and double-click it for installation.
  • Connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable. Then select data types and a scanning mode. Next, it will remind you to root your device for a complete scan. You can also tap Continue to skip the root.

  • Choose a category on the left panel, and tick off the deleted files you want to recover. Finally, click Recover to save them to your computer.

Tips: Root is only needed if you want to recover deleted files from the internal memory of your Android device.

Customer Support

If you choose it, you will get a series of professional customer support, such as technical support, sales FAQs, refund FAQs, and more. Also, there are various guides on its website, so that you can search for what you need on it.

Additionally, you can contact them via email whenever you encounter problems that you cannot solve. Certainly, their technicians will keep maintaining the software, and you can update the software for free.


In the testing, MobiKin Doctor for Android has a high success rate on Android data recovery. By and large, it can effectively recover deleted contacts, photos, SMS, and other Android files without changing their formats. And the read-only feature makes recovery more secure.

Get it today and recover your Android files without a hitch!

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