How to Mod COC with xmodgames

How to Mod COC with xmodgames – Hello friends welcome to my blog today in this post we are going to hack the clash of clans by xmodgames app or can say hack coc by xmodgames, first of all we are going to see what this xmodgames app is as if you have seen it earlier that some of the games are available online with the mods and hacks we can get unlimited coins and we can buy gems and other things by these coins as we can hack any of the games just it must be installed on your device and your Android device must be rooted and the iPhone you have must be jailbreak. So below are the details of How to Mod COC with xmodgames. Here’s Top 10 Best Cricket Games for Android

Mod COC with xmodgames

Xmodgames are the most useful for them who are the gamers and the game geeks and sometimes you don’t pass the level because of the coin deficiency or get failed because of the low range weapons so as you install this app on your device you can get the coins with your wish and can pass any level on your wish. As I have been playing the COC since very long time and had been known about this tool about a while before by the internet, when I used Xmodgames then I got a great experience using this app on the COC as I hacked the game and conquered the castles of all.

How to install Mod COC with xmodgames

As these steps are for the android device but the same steps are available for the iPhone too. So, you have to just follow the steps for the Android and iDevices you can download from

Your Android device must be rooted and the iPhone must be a jailbreak to use Xmodgames on your device.
You cannot access Xmodgames on your PC using any of the virtual media platforms such as Bluestacks.
No ban can be done if you are using Xmodgames on any of the apps.

steps to install the Xmodgames for the COC.

  1. Firstly go to your device settings and hen to security and turn on the unknown sources option.

  2. Now go to the phone’s browser and search for the Xmodgames for android.

  3. Now download the xmodgames app from any of the desired sites.

  4. And go to the Google Play store and download the clash of clans on your device.

  5. Now install the Xmodgames app on your device as the download finishes.

  6. Launch the Xmodgames app installed on your device.

  7. As you launch the Xmodgames the app will show you a list of the games that are installed on your device. Now just tap on the COC.

  8. Now after click on the Install mod and it will take about 5-10 sec and the mod will be installed on your phone.

  9. As you click on the launch now the game starts and a small robot is on the screen.
    Now tap on the robot icon and After a Mod blue button appears open the application.

Advantages of Mod COC with xmodgames

  • Allows you to sandbox the other participants from competing with you.
  • Helps you castle or village be allows active.
  • Helps you to search the satisfied competitors.


If you are a game addict as I have mentioned in the introduction of this post you will love this app as this is the perfect app for you as you can pass any of the levels by this app of the clash of clans or coc often called, you just need to install the Xmodgames hacker of the game on your device. And you can get as much of the coins in the game the only condition to run this app is your device must be rooted.

As the mentioned details about the app and the method hack the COC might have helped you so please share it with your friends to make the post viral follow us for more of the similar kind and interesting posts.

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