OnePlus 8 to support new cameras features || See Details Here

OnePlus 8 to support new cameras

OnePlus 8 to support new cameras features: Social media mode, 4K super stabilization and more. In a recent blog post, OnePlus talks about some of the videography features that the company is working to bring on its phones very soon. The OnePlus 8 series is expected to launch in the next few months. Under the series, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is expected to launch three phones namely OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8 Lite.

Rumours and leaks have already revealed some key details about the OnePlus 8 series. Although the company is yet to officially talk about its upcoming phones, it has for the first ever time come out to talk about the camera features that we can see on the soon-to-be-launched OnePlus phone, likely OnePlus 8. Oneplus Brand is one of the best Android Mobiles giving Brand.

OnePlus 8 to support new cameras features | Summary

1) In a recent blog post, OnePlus talks about some of the videography features that the company is working to bring on its phones very soon.

2) Having said that, we can safely say that the mentioned camera features could be a part of the next OnePlus phone, which is expected to be the OnePlus 8.

3) The list is really long. Starting with exposure, OnePlus said that it will turn all the cameras of the phone to have the identical exposure, white balance.

4) This, OnePlus said will be one of the key goals for the year 2020. OnePlus also said that it will bring improvements to auto focus, skin tone, sharpness, dynamic range, among others.

5) OnePlus confirms that it will push an upgrade both on hardware and software for auto focus this year. It also says that “Skin tone improvement” is one of their top priorities.

6) The improvement will be pushed to OnePlus phones via future system updates. No timeline specified by the company as of yet.

The company reveals that it is working on image sharpness as well. OnePlus specifies that it is trying “to find the new balance between sharpness and noise.” We can expect the update to come via future software updates. The company also confirms that 4K super stabilization will be supported in some of the future phones that the company is going to launch soon. It is safe to say that OnePlus 8 will be able to shoot stable videos unlike the existing OnePlus phones.

The dynamic range will also be improved, says OnePlus. The company is working on video HDR, which will solve these dynamic range problems in future OnePlus phones. Existing phones are also expected to get the improvement via software update. The company confirms that it is finally working on “de-flickering” solutions to reduce this issue.

Faster camera is one key goal for OnePlus in 2020. The company says that faster shutter requires updates from system, application, as well as the animation. Furthermore, the company also assures that the shutter speed will see constant improvement via future updates. OnePlus is also working on 1080P and 4K support in all camera lenses, which will make it easy to switch between lenses while recording a video.

In the future, OnePlus will change the camera app and consider shifting positions of the camera options so users can reach them easily and single handedly. The company has confirmed that it is planning to “completely” update Gallery app’s video tools. OnePlus may soon let users edit videos in the gallery app itself. “For color grading or LUT options, we will have news soon,” OnePlus says.

OnePlus is already working on Depth of field for tele camera recording option for its future phones. Additionally, soon OnePlus phones will support Night mode for night video.

In the same blog, OnePlus mentioned that its phones could soon get support for Social media mode, which will let users directly share pictures on twitter, crop ratio for Instagram and more. The company said, “we have been working on this, these features are planned after image quality improvement.”

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