Pro tips & tricks to become an expert at Match 3 game

Match 3 games are the kind of mobile puzzle games that you were seeking. The game’s interface is simple, yet intuitive and the genre comes with a competitive twist. It is a one v/s one game where you can play with your friends or random online players. The origin of the game can be traced to Tetris and related computer puzzle games. 

While all good things come in threes, lovers of Match 3 games will tell you that more exciting things come in fours and fives. The game’s objective is to match three objects or candies of the same color and shape to score points. But points can increase if you match four or five candies at once, and you’ll even get boosters and power tools. For instance, if you pop six candies of the same color, you’ll get a bow and arrow or firecracker booster. You’ll get a rocket booster if you eliminate four candies and a bomb booster by getting rid of five candies. The boosters can be used to eliminate multiple candies in one swoop. 

Naturally, the player with the highest score wins the game.

Do you want to play the Match 3 game and see what the fuss is all about? Unless you only wish to play free/practice games, you must come prepared. The game is highly competitive and fast-paced, and players only have eight moves and 100 seconds on the timer. Follow these tips to become a pro at playing Match 3 games. 

1. Start by matching pieces found at the bottom of the board 

New pieces of candies are added from the top of the board. So, if you eliminate candies on the top, you don’t create much space or opportunity. However, when you pop candies at the bottom of the board, you can get more matches as fresh pieces are added to the top. That means you can eliminate more candies with a single move and save the other moves for later. 

2. Make it rain combos and power-ups 

Matching three candies will get you three points because each candy is worth one point. But that’s the minimum you can score during the game. To increase your points, you need to match four or more candies. When you do that, you’ll also activate power tools and boosters. These boosters are essential in every Match 3 game. Sometimes, eliminating candy pieces toward the bottom of the board can make candies cascade from above into excellent power tools. 

You can also create power tools by popping four, five, and six candies at once. Some of the incredible power tools you’ll get are the bow and arrow, the firecracker, the rocket, and the bomb. 

Using power tools can remove more candy pieces at once, and you can quickly make your way up the scoreboard. 

3. Don’t mindlessly use the power tools 

Have you cooked up a cool-looking bomb or a rocket? Did you get a firecracker? That’s great, but you need to pause using them randomly. Save the power tools until you need to use them or combine them with another booster. 

For instance, the rocket booster can eliminate an entire row or column. But when you combine two rockets, they can pop the complete column and row. If you combine two bombs, you can obliterate seventeen candies at once. But one bomb can only remove nine candy pieces from the board. Imagine your scores!

4. Avoid paying heed to the game’s match suggestions unless you have to 

Playing according to the game’s match suggestions is the last resort. When you see the timer ticking away, and there’s very little time, you can match the candy pieces blinking on the board. Typically, if you’re ideal for a few seconds, the board starts making suggestions. But, they’re not necessarily the right ones. 

You must study the board carefully and try to find beneficial matches. Since you only have eight moves, you need to try and score the highest within those limitations. Matching three candies will only fetch you a minimum of 3 points, and that’s not great if your opponent is a pro at the game. 

5. Play practice games 

Time-based games are always a bit nerve-racking, and they can get the best of even the most seasoned players. The only way to gain confidence is through practice. So, play as many practice games as you can and hone your skills. These games will teach you to remain calm when the timer ticks away and the 100 seconds are about to end. After you’ve gained enough confidence and are well-versed with the game’s controls, partake in multiplayer tournaments and contests that offer cash. If you win these battles, you can earn fantastic cash prizes and rewards. 

To get started, you must download and install the Match 3 game app on your smartphone. You have to create an account or log in using your Apple, Facebook, or Google account. Then, you can start popping the candies and earning money. 

Wrapping up 

Match 3 games are not challenging to master, and you can become a veteran in no time. The tips mentioned above will help you on your way to mastering the competitive puzzle game and experiencing endless hours of fun. The puzzle game is ideal for anyone looking to have a good time while making money on the side. While playing the game, watch out for exciting bonuses and offers to enrich your gaming experience further.

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