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In this post you will find best PUBG Cheat Codes, PUBG Tips for Beginners and Experts and PUBG Secrets to win this Game. These PUBG Tips are given by top experts and all are working. You can use these PUBG Secrets and PUBG Tips to become expert in PUBG game. We already posted about Latest Android games like best cricket games in android or top unblocked games.

If you are a beginner in this game then let me tell you one thing, this game is not like any other game you have played till now. The concept is unique and the person with most skills and the fastest brain is going to survive beating all the other 99 players. If you also know any PUBG secret tips you can comment below.

PUBG Cheat Codes | PUBG Hacks | PUBG Tips

You can’t control your luck, but you can train your aiming skills and decision making capabilities. Let’s go step by step and learn about the best PUBG mobile tips and tricks that will give you a good head start in this game. You can use these cool Pubg Names also.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is also known as PUBG is a popular Royale battle game which is a favored game among the gamers. PUBG which was first available for PS4, Xbox One is now available for Android and iOS smartphones as well. These PUBG Tips and PUBG Secrets are easy and can be done by anyone.

PUBG Hacks | PUBG Tips | PUBG Secrets

For those who are new to this game, they should know that this game is a survival game, with 99 other players free to play in a group separately it just depends on the player. Whether you’re a player who loves to grab the best weapon in the loot or just fire the gun randomly.

Everyone has their own strategy to play this game. But there are some basic gameplay tips and tricks which every player uses when they enter the game’s battlefield. Below We have Provided Best PUBG Tips, PUBG Cheat Codes as well as PUBG Secrets to play this Game.

1. PUBG Cheat Codes and Controls & Hotkeys – PUBG Secrets

1) Hold ‘Alt’ to look around without moving, this is great if you’re camping, and also
while falling from the plane. Is This Good PUBG Tps??? comment Below.

2) You can dive underwater by holding ‘C’ while swimming, and rise to the surface by holding ‘Space’. If people are shooting at you then diving underwater will give you
complete protection, just remember that this dosen’t work forever, you have lungs that
need air. This is Best PUBG Secrets you may not known.

3) Don’t jump out of the passenger seat and move around to the driving seat when you want to swap seats, this will expose you and put you in danger. Instead toggle seats in a
vehicle with ‘Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5/6’, with ‘Ctrl+1’ taking you to the driving seat.

4) You can auto-sprint by pressing ‘=’ which is helpful when making those long runs to
the zone, don’t run in a straight line though, zig zag slightly with the mouse, anyone
can headshot a guy that moves in a line, so be unpredictable and don’t make it easy
for them!

5) Lean left with ‘Q’, or right with ‘E’, while aiming. Use these controls to look and
shoot around walls without exposing yourself too much, you can show the top part of
your body, but your lower part will be hidden. Better to lean around a wall that
walk around it exposing your whole body. The more skilled players will lean mid-
combat to make themselves more awkward to hit, get used to leaning first, then try
it out in combat. The recoil is harder to control when you’re leaning. I recommend
leaning for confident players only. PUBG Tips helps you to win the Game/

6) Hold ‘Shift’ to boost vehicles, if you are trying to scale a hill with a ten tonne
camper van, then you will probably be going at an incredibly slow speed, so use
boost to help! Also remember that boosting will empty the fuel levels faster. hope this one is good PUBG Secrets.

7) Use a vehicle’s handbrake for a more aggressive turn or hardbreak with ‘Space’.

8) Controlling bikes in the air is an important skill to have, the default controls
are incredibly awkward so I would suggest using the arrow keys, left key for a left
lean, right for right lean, up for up tilt and so on and so forth.

9) Toggle first and third person by pressing ‘V’. Using first person puts you at a
disadvantage as you have to expose your head to peak over walls, unlike third person,
but when in houses first person can help give you a clear view.

10) Hold your breath while aiming with ‘Shift’ (only in ADS). This holds the weapon more
steady, allowing better accuracy.

11) Watch your bullet drop while aiming by holding ‘Left Mouse-Button’ to shoot instead
of tapping it. Good when using snipers or DMR’s (designated marksman rifle).

12) Change weapon zeroing (when the weapon/sight permits, for use over different long
ranges) with ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’, this is very technical and isn’t that important
unless you want to become pro, I use it and even with one thousand hours I still struggle.

2. PUBG Tips and Tricks to While Playing Game

1) When you drop onto the island, you want to try to head somewhere that has a few buildings you can search for supplies, but not somewhere you think tons of other players will head right away — unless your goal is to get into combat as quickly as possible.

2) Finding and driving a vehicle is a good way to get out of the way of the Red Zone quickly if necessary and also keeps you a quick moving target.

3) At least at launch, PUBG Mobile games are populated with bots to help ensure each match has 100 contestants, so just lying low for the first few minutes will help you outlive some of the competition, which is helpful when you’re first starting out.

4) If you’re taking damage and can’t see who shot you, the red zone on your heads up display indicates what direction the damage is coming from.

5) It’s always a good idea to close doors behind you so that it’s not obvious you’re in a building, which could help you ambush opponents when they enter.

6) When the “Restricting the Play Area” message pops up, the safe area gradually shrinks from the outside edges in, so you have some time to get to safety if you’re close — and you can actually see the unsafe blue area closing in.

7) Headshots do more damage than hitting enemies anywhere else. If you have a weapon with a scope, that can help you score headshots.

3. PUBG Tips for Inventory & Sneaking tips 

1) Different items take up different amounts of space in your inventory, get to know the
weight of each item. First aid kits are bigger than bandages, for example. But this also
applies to different types of grenades, with frags smaller than smoke and stun grenades.

2) You can carry more by equipping items and by using ammo that’s loaded into your gun as this won’t take up inventory space. If you want to free up a frag sized space for example, equip your smoke or stun grenade.

3) Sneaking your way into the final few players is a good strategy – but it won’t help you
master the skills of combat. To learn and improve with firefights drop into busy areas,
such as the school or military base.

4) If you do want to stealth your way to the win, then I recommend hiding behind a cliff
where no one is likely to go looking, is a fantastic way to avoid being spotted, also go
prone and crawl through grass, it will be very hard to see someone in thick grass compared
to someone with a height of 5’6” running.

5) Generally, unless you’re looking for practise, just avoid combat. Only engage if you’re near certain you can win the fight, or if you’re unable to flee. This includes sniping, just
because you can see someone five hundred or so meters always dosen’t mean he needs to be fired at, most likely he isn’t a threat. Don’t take the shot unless you can get the kill,
otherwise you’ve given yourself away to both him, and anyone else in the vicinity.

6) If you wish to flee, then zig-zag when you’re on foot, and focus on breaking line of sight.
People will only bother chasing you down under specific circumstances. It’s unlikely they
will keep in pursuit. Even if you are in a vehicle there’s no point in hopping out to fight
if you’ve already been knocked down to low health, just get out of there and take some time to pull yourself together!

7) Don’t worry if your loot is complete garbage, just adapt to what you have. If you have a
shotgun, then camp urban areas, if you have a crossbow, then get somewhere high. All it
takes is a single kill and you could get a significant amount of loot from someone else,
there’s no need to think it’s game over, I for one have won a solo match with just an S12K.

4. PUBG Tips for New Gamers

1) When you get to the smaller safe zones, you need to eliminate anyone you see. If you leave an enemy alive, they will eventually spot you or worse, they will kill you. If you have the chance to strike first in these small zones, do it!

2) Do not loot enemies you have killed in the last ten or in small zones unless you absolutely have too! Almost everybody in the zone will have heard you and will be looking in that direction, looting a dead enemy is almost certain death at that stage.

3) Use the zone as your friend! During the late stages of the match, hang around the blue zone edge. If you are in the center of the zone, you will have three hundred and sixty degrees to watch. If you are on the edge of the blue zone, it can cover your rear and possibly sides. Meaning that you won’t have to worry about enemies coming from behind and giving you less of an area to have to watch.

4) Knowledge of the terrain is crucial in PUBG, learn the map as best you can and choose where to go for a reason, rather than on impulse. It really makes a difference. This PUBG Tips are very useful while playing PUBG Game.

5) Do not camp in houses! I can’t even begin to explain why this is such a bad choice. Almost every game, during the later stages of the zone people tend to sit in houses and camp. This is all well and good for a while, but when the zone forces you to leave your house you will most likely be killed. There are those that keep a close eye on any buildings and as the blue circle starts to close in, players that are forced out of hiding and into the open will be picked off. Not to mention that if anyone hears you in a house, they will probably head into the zone and overwatch your house, when you have to leave you will be shot.

6) Trees aren’t great cover. I recommend a forest as good visual cover when you need to move  long distances, but it is easy to forget that hiding behind a narrow tree still leaves you exposed on three sides, not to mention your vision’s heavily impacted by the trunk in front of you.

7) When you get to the final three, and are undiscovered, stay that way. Don’t engage as the remaining two could easily wound and/or kill each other without you needing to risk death yourself. They’ll also give away their positions in the process, which means you of course know where they are for the final face off.

5. PUBG combat tips: how and when to hide or engage

1) Sneaking your way into the final few players is absolutely a good strategy – but it won’t help you master the subtleties of combat. If you want to learn the feel of weapons and fighting, then spend a few games spawning in busy spots, as it’ll pay off in the long run.

2) If you do want to stealth your way to the win, hiding offshore in a boat, ideally behind a cliff where no one is likely to go looking, is a fantastic way to avoid being spotted. With some spare fuel, you can normally speed your way to many safe zones on the map.

3) Jumping whilst melee attacking makes headshots easier, and yes, headshot punches do considerably more damage.

4) If someone starts attacking you with their bare hands, always fight it out. If you can land a headshot or two you can win the fight even if they get a headstart on working you over!

5) Generally when trying to win a game, unless you’re looking for practise, just avoid combat. The rule of thumb is to only engage if you’re near certain you can win the fight, or if you’re unable to flee. This includes sniping people – don’t take the shot unless you can also get the kill, otherwise you’ve given yourself away.

6) Speaking of fleeing, it is easier than you might think. Zig-zag if you’re on foot, and think in terms of breaking line of sight. People will only bother chasing you down under specific circumstances. This is especially true if you’re in a vehicle – there’s no point in hopping out to fight if you’ve already been knocked down to low health, just floor it!

7) Having bad gear is really not the end of the world, so don’t get greedy – what matters is how you adapt to what you have: if all you have is a Shotgun or SMG, then try to camp inside buildings and confined areas. If you just have a crossbow and a decent scope, avoid buildings like the plague and find a high spot for sniping. All it takes is one kill for you to gain a significant amount of loot! This is One of the Best PUBG Secrets to use.

8) If you’re hiding in one of the little wooden huts and spot an incoming enemy, bursting out of the hut and firing at them is often better than waiting in there. If they’re smart, they’ll either know someone’s in there or try to clear it out with a grenade or shoot through the wooden door first. The element of surprise normally works better. This is One of the Best PUBG Secrets to use.

9. Take time to master the art of leaning, or ‘peeking’, around corners with Q and E (or clicking in the sticks on console) during combat, and note that leaning to the right (if you’re using the camera over the right shoulder) exposes less of your body than the opposite direction.

10. If you know a fight is coming, or need to sprint across a dangerous open area, use a ‘boost’ item like Painkillers or Energy Drinks, as the healing over time and extra speed can be crucial. This is One of the Best PUBG Secrets to use.

6. PUBG Tips and PUBG Secrets From Quora

This game has a huge amount of little tricks that yield slight advantages, but I’ll cover a couple of them that came to mind.

1) Balcony-Door-Roof Jump – In most 2-story buildings in PUBG, there is a balcony that can be accessed from the second floor. One of the most useful tricks is to jump (not vault) onto the balcony railing, then jump to the top of the door (again, not vault), then you should be at a height where you can access the roof using a vault. This is extremely helpful as people usually do not expect enemies on roofs, and it allows the player to quickly take the high ground.

2) Leaning whenever shooting – Most people think leaning has the express purpose of allowing for slight angles to be taken, reducing the risk of the player leaning being shot. In actuality, leaning has a second, possibly more important purpose: distorting your character’s hurt-boxes to minimize incoming damage.

3) Having the best loot in the game, T3 armour, >300 rounds, suppressors on both the AR and sniper rifle means that our team will then be insta-killed without firing a shot. We won’t even see them.

4) However if you are all scraping together for rounds and have red dots and T1 helmets, you’ll be in the top ten guaranteed.

7. Basis PUBG Tips and PUNG Secrets for Beginners 

Drop in highly populated areas: – Dropping in overcrowded area like School, Military base etc. improves your close combat abilities. Don’t worry if you get killed after 10 seconds of dropping. Go back, find another match and drop again at the same place. Repeat it until you feel comfortable in dropping in that area. Apart from improving your close combat abilities it will also get you some good weapons as overcrowded areas usually have the best weapons. That’s a good way to improve your shooting abilities. If you just want to win the game and play on the safer side then you can opt for dropping at not so crowded areas like Quarry, Ruins, Stalber etc.

Predicting the safe-zone: You can’t predict the next circle, there is no secret to be known for that. The only thing you can do to stay in the safe zone is going to the center of the circle. Center of the circle is included mostly in the next circle. Even if it’s not inside the safe zone it will be not far away from it. But expect some enemies there as everyone wants to get near the center.

Going for the air-drop: – When I started playing this game I usually never went for the air-drop instead I used it as a bait. All you have to do is hide near the drop and kill others as they come for the drop. This will get you some easy kills. After killing others you can go for the air-drop yourself.

Rush your enemies: – An easy trick to get some easy kills in the starting of the match is to rush the players who don’t have a weapon yet. So, suppose you and your enemy dropped at the same place or pretty close to each other and you have found a weapon. At this moment instead of searching for an armor or any other weapon you can surprise your enemy by rushing towards him. If he haven’t found a weapon yet then it is going to be an easy kill. Even if he has a weapon he will not be expecting you as he will be busy finding other weapons and stuff.

Don’t ignore the grenades, flash and smokes: – Many newbies don’t use grenades or flashes or smokes. They can be really useful in mid or end game. Is an enemy hiding inside the building? Throw a grenade and make him come out or just kill him easily by cooking the grenade. Want to rush a person hiding in a house or a tree? Use flash or smokes to easily sneak towards him.

8. Top PUBG Secrets Tricks and PUBG Tips for Experts

1) Know the game: Knowing the game is the first step towards success. Involve yourself in the game and try reading articles around the web. Do watch YouTube videos. You could achieve much from the experience.

2) Don’t be in a haste of killing enemies. Don’t forget that it is a survival game!!! No one gives a Fuck about how many you killed but how much you survived. Know the balance between many and much.

3) Jump in squad. Follow your teammates and trust them. It’s a group game dude!!! Don’t become a Lone Wolf because if you’re a beginner then those lions are out there hunting you noobs !!!

4) Pick your weapons wisely. Try different weapons and expertise in that. Most importantly learn to use snipers. Because that is the real and the best method of winning. All those PUBG maniacs are a whole lot of sniping gawd!!! Know the bullet drops and range. Gather the best additional items for your gun which include scopes, foregrips, suppressors, compressors, extra may etc.

5) A continuation of the previous point, Choose vertical foregrip over angled foregrip, Always search for suppressors because enemies can’t spot the bullet direction from where it had been fired. It hides the sound and eliminates muzzle flash. Choose Quick Extradraw Mag over any other as it increases your reloading with increasing bullet capacity.

6) Try for headshots. People die faster in headshots.

7) Keep pressing your fire button for Auto fire. Note that M16A4 has the burst mode only.

8) Don’t go for crates directly. Undoubtedly crates contain precious items like be AWM, M24, Ghillie suits, M249, Mk-14, Groza, Aug A3 but these are traps!!!! Unless you are pretty sure that no-one is nearby collect the crate of else stay away from it.

9) Referring to point 8, use crates as your target. If crates fall near your area, get yourself into some high place from where you could snipe easily. Enemies would come for the crate and it’s your moment to actually kill those noobs and acquire the crate.

10) Wisely use frag grenade, smoke grenades and stun grenade

11) Late in the game try not to run straight ie standing. Either you crouch or lie down

12) Bunny jumping helps you. If any enemy makes you the target, do not be confused!!! Never stop it lie down in such conditions because it makes you more easier to be aimed at. How around places and change your direction. Ultimately when you’re free from the regular attacks, heal yourself and aim at the bastard.

13) Keep using peek options while sniping. Try to camouflage yourself into the surroundings and if you have a good scope along with a suppressor, you gonna rule it.

14) Note 8xCQBSS can be adjusted to 4x. This is One of the Best PUBG Secrets

15) If you are a beginner avoid Pochinki, Georgopol, Sosnovka, Pecado, Los Leones

16) Communicate through your teammates. Get things for them sometimes and they would do the same for you

17) Always carry a great loot of medics with you. Experience says it helps.

18) Before you revive your teammate, do check the whole area. When it’s safe then only start reviving else you could lose your life along with your teammates’ life. Ultimately losing your team ranking.

19) After you are dead and your teammate happens to be alive, try to help him by spectating the game. Best PUBG Tips.

20) The most important. Concentrate and keep a steady eye on the blue zone timings. This is one of the Best PUBG Tips.

So these are some PUBG Tips and PUBG Secrets to use while playing PUBG, You can use these PUBG Cheat Codes as well as PUBG secrets to win this Game.

You can comment below if you know any other PUBG Secrets or PUBG Cheat Code or any other PUBG Tips, which can be beneficial to other players. we will add that to this list of PUBG Secrets.

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