Why Pursue Microsoft AZ-301? And Why Practice Using Exam Dumps?

In the sphere of cloud services, Microsoft Azure occupies the top spot for numerous reasons. Through the years, its credential path has broadened and evolved as the number of people wanting to be certified continues to soar. Certainly, it’s always meaningful to go after a certification exam that adds value to your career. For people heading to a cloud computing profession, it becomes almost a must to do so due to the positive impact it creates.

One noteworthy test that will open up cloud horizons to you is the Microsoft AZ-301 assessment. This is a risky yet doable assessment that will be instrumental in determining the course of your career. In this article, the first concern that demands a comprehensive answer points to the importance of pursuing this very Microsoft AZ-301 Exam Dumps . Let’s know more about it.

Outline of AZ-301 and Solid Reasons for Taking It

Exam AZ-301 is a 150-minute assessment that deals with Azure design architecture. If you want to sit for this test, you first have to pay $165 and when the exam day comes, you’ll face a maximum of 60 tasks. But why do you have to opt for this test? Listed below are just a few of the reasons to convince you of the relevance of this Microsoft accreditation:

Impactful cloud services

Time and again, the top-tier IT vendor—Microsoft—has paved the way for many organizations to progress with its applicable Azure solutions. It's a remarkable technology that puts businesses in a swift position toward innovation. Azure is deemed as an outstanding cloud for SQL Server and Windows Server. In terms of satisfactorily deploying applications and getting enhanced security, Microsoft is always one step forward. Its Azure Hybrid benefit also works well in migrating workloads in different industries. And to have IT Certification Practice Test Questions AZ-301 as the reason is anything but fulfilling your career and personal ambitions.

Pathway for a role-based certification

Microsoft eyes candidates who can excellently embody what the cloud service provider is. This signals the birth of its exemplary badges. One that stands out is the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Once you pass AZ-301, you can get hold of this yearned-for certification and enjoy its growing list of benefits. But it’s to be noted that AZ-301 is the final requirement for your credential completion, with AZ-300 as the initial assessment. In the light of the current changes, AZ-301 will be retired in September 2020 with the new version in the form of AZ-304 available on around June 29, 2020.

Job prospects and salary

Speaking of job positions, certified professionals usually fill the role of a Solutions Architect. This job title is highly regarded in IT and not all specialists can have an easy pass in having one. Although Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform is flourishing, employers are still reasonably picky with Azure candidates. Recruiters still know that a Solutions Architect is still different from a tried-and-tested Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect, who can earn as much as $119,412 annually, as Payscale makes it revealed.

Upgraded skills

You may use this AZ-301 as a legitimization of your mastery in designing solutions. Accomplishing this exam is an opportune moment to prove your skills professionally. For someone with this qualification, it stays crucial to execute various technical tasks like optimizing consumption strategy and designing authentication. Adding to these is your expertise in designing a storage strategy, implementing an API integration strategy, planning a site recovery strategy, and several others. As you can see passing this test earns you a reputation as well- versed and practiced in these areas.

Knowing all that, let’s press forward to another vital question that clouds many exam-takers like you. After detailing the importance of Microsoft AZ-301, it’s time to learn the worth of exam dumps during the prep process. Why then, among many critical study materials, are braindumps utilized by most candidates? Let’s answer this significant question detail by detail.

Exam Dumps Are Cheap Yet Comprehensive

In the first place, exam dumps are more affordable compared to other materials. However, the fact that they are cheap does not diminish their quality. Earlier, it has been mentioned that AZ- 301 is a risky but doable plan. If you don’t use the best materials, then there's a high risk of failing the assessment. Nevertheless, it is extremely achievable if you have a tool like exam dumps to guide you.

In general, braindumps spring from previous exam-passers’ experience. This means that it gives you an advantage in knowing what sort of questions might pop up in the actual certification test. But, dumps are way more than spoon-feeding you with the answers. Part of their priority is to enlighten you on how the questions might be framed in different ways so that such an approach won't catch you off guard. Besides, the questions you'll be practicing over have passed through the lenses of people who have experienced the exam firsthand.

Exam-labs.com’s Impressive Collection of Dumps

The use of Exam-labs.com’s exam dumps fills any deficiency in your understanding of the concepts related to Microsoft Azure. Sure, books and instructor-led classes let you take in as much knowledge as possible. But this kind of materials won't inform you how good or weak you are in a certain area without drowning you with too much information. With braindumps, you acquire knowledge and develop your skills at the same time.

So Exam-labs.com presents you with free ete files that you can use as a start. If you want upgraded dumps, you can rely on their AZ-301 Premium Bundle at an affordable price of $59.99. This package provides you with a first-rate set of questions and expert-validated answers to them, a study guide, and a video tutorial that will excellently assist you in getting acquainted with unfamiliar Azure topics. Also, you’d better purchase the ETE Exam Simulator with the help of which you’ll be able to open these dumps and experience the setting of the real assessment.


Passing Microsoft exam AZ-301 is a feat that most candidates aim for, because they remember the guiding light which is the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge. Bank on Exam-labs.com and their free and updated exam dumps to make your preparation a success. So, what are you waiting for? Get on with your exam plans and start realizing your goals now!

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