How to Recover Corrupted Files from USB Flash Drive?

A USB flash drive is one of the names of an external device that is used for data storage. It has a number of advantages in comparison to other data storage options. It can be rewritten, it is removable and it is smaller and much more reliable than an optical disc.

USB flash drives support all OSs and can be used with all devices. These devices are irreplaceable when you need to store information or to transfer it from one device to another. That’s why they are used so often for these purposes, and that’s why users constantly face issues with their USB flash drives. For example, what would you do if you, by accident, of course, deleted all data that was stored on this external storage device? Is it possible at all to recover data from USB flash drive mac?

Recover Corrupted Files from USB Flash Drive

There is not much software capable of doing it, but Disk Drill is not only a cheap option but one of the most efficient options for mac. Many users believe that any flash drive data recovery software for mac should be something extremely complicated.

However, in the provided below step-by-step tutorial, which will teach you all important details about the recovery procedure with Disk Drill. You will see that it is not as complicated as you might think. Find Below steps to Recover Corrupted Files from USB Flash Drive.

Start the installation wizard

If you haven’t downloaded the software, it is time to do it. Basically, all you have to do it just to follow the provided guidelines.

Connect your device to your Mac

Now, you move to the USB storage device from which so much needed files were removed. The device should be connected to your mac without applying any cables of hubs. Just a direct connection would work. It means, you should connect your device directly through the provided USB port. In some cases, there are issues with that. But don’t worry, just give Disk Drill a chance, it might solve the mentioned issues with your memory stick.

Perform the device scanning

So, you finally are ready with all the previous steps. Now, your memory stick should be shown as one of the available devices. It means, that you can start the actual data recovery procedure. If your device isn’t ok, instead of Recover option, you will see a Rebuild option. As you might guess, if your device has issues, the recovery procedure might not be so efficient or it might not work at all. Hence, just allow Disk Drill do its part of the job now. So, what are you waiting for? Go on with the flash drive recovery mac procedure.

Finally, perform the scanning. The tool will be searching for all the files that were deleted.

Preview all those files that were detected

It might find many files, and most of them might be not needed. If you preview the files that are available, you will save time and increase the efficiency of the procedure. The file names might be changed, but you can detect the needed ones based on their size, format, date when the last changes were made. It will help you find out which files you need urgently to recover.

Complete the recovery procedure

Have you already determined the location for your so much valuable files? Perfect, now, click Recovery button, and the process will start.

Important: don’t select the same memory stick for recovery, it might lead to new issues with your files. Instead, use the mac hard drive.

So, if you need urgently to Recover Corrupted Files from USB Flash Drive, there are no issues with it. However, it is always better to prevent any data loss rather than trying to recover the lost files later. For that, a write protection function exists.

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