Refer and Earn Mi Tokens and Get a Chance to Win Mi Products for Free

Refer and Earn Mi Tokens – Refer your friends & family for a Mi product and earn up to 1500 Mi Tokens, Top 3 referrers every month get a special Mi Reward. How do I earn Mi Tokens? Shopping: For each transaction on, users get 10% of the transaction value as Mi TokensTokens will be received upon successful delivery of the product For e.g. If you purchase a Mi device worth ₹10,000, you will get 1,000 Mi Tokens i.e. 10% of the total transaction value.

Refer and Earn Mi Tokens

What are Mi Tokens?

Mi Tokens are points acquired on Mi Store through shopping, sharing of product pages & it’s reviews, participating in Mi events and more. Once you have acquired a certain numbers of Mi Tokens, you can redeem them to get F-Codes or Discount Coupons. Please note, F-codes and Discount Coupons once generated cannot be returned or cancelled to reclaim Mi Tokens.

What are the benefits of Mi Tokens?

Mi Tokens can be redeemed to get F-codes or Discount Coupons in return. F-code is a priority code that allows you to add a Mi product to your shopping cart even when it is not in stock for other customers. Discount coupons help you attain a certain discount on the selling price of the product. Below is some ways to Earn Mi Tokens

How to avail Refer and Earn Mi Tokens Offer

  1. Click here for Offer Page
  2. Make New Account to get Free 50 Mi Tokens
  3. Now Share your Link with your Friends and Get 5 Token Per Refer.
  4. Visit here to Check your Rewards.

How to Refer and Earn Mi Tokens

  1. Share the invite link with your family & friends.
  2. Referred users can sign up by opening the link.
  3. Referred users can join Reward Mi by clicking “Get reward”.
  4. Referred users get additional Mi Tokens as a welcome reward.
  5. For every purchase, referred users get 10% and referrers get 5% of the total purchase value in Mi Tokens.

How to Earn Mi Tokens

  1. For every purchase on Mi Store, receive 10% of the transaction in Mi Tokens (first 5 transactions per month). Mi Tokens will be credited to your account after successful delivery of product.
  2. Share a product page (once/day) +5 Mi tokens
  3. Share a product review (once/day) +5 Mi tokens
  4. You can receive more Mi Tokens for specific campaigns on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Every user gets 50 Mi Tokens!

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