How to Run YouTube Videos in Background

Run YouTube Videos in Background : YouTube, a most widely used website to watch videos. In  Android Phones you want to do many task simultaneously and also want to Run you Tube video in Background, but YouTube does not allow this in YouTube App. so in this post we will post you about YouTube tricks from which you can Run YouTube Videos in Background.

If you are watching a video or are listening to a music on YouTube and you navigate to a different app or turn off the screen, the video/audio automatically gets paused. so if you want to Run YouTube in Background you can use Mozilla Android App. you can use this trick Download YouTube Videos without Any App

Run YouTube Videos in Background in Android

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox App in your Phone

2. Launch Firefox as you would normally and go to YouTube.

3. Go to settings (the three dots on the top right corner) and tap on the desktop tab.

  1. you will be redirected to YouTube Desktop Version.

5. Play any video you want to and it will keep playing in the background while you use other apps or turn off the screen.

6. If the video stops playing while using Chrome, you may also have to pull down the notifications bar and press play.

Run YouTube Videos in Background in Safari

  1. Launch Safari as you would normally and go to YouTube.

  2. Navigate to the video you want to play in the background.

  3. Tap and hold the reload icon in the upper-right of the Safari window to switch to Desktop Mode. Then, tap Request Desktop Site.

4. Start playing the video, and press the Home button to close Safari.

5. Swipe up on the home screen to open Action Center and swipe left to reveal the music player.

6. In Action Center, you will see the YouTube video instead of your music. Simply tap play and continue listening to your video as if you were watching it on your device.

So this is trick to Run YouTube videos in Background. You just have to Install Mozilla App and start playing Run YouTube videos in Background.

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