How to setup Push Notification for a Blog

setup Push Notification : Many of Visitors are asking me to Setup Push Notification in their site, so i thought why not to write a article on How to Setup Push Notification for a Blog. In this we will use Onesignal website to setup Push Notification. This is Mainly for wordpress users. you can check you Blog Traffic from Here

As of today, you may well be living surrounded by push notifications. You get them every time a friend tags you in an uncomfortable photo in Facebook (yes, that my friend is a push notification). Here are some Free Dofollow Backlinks From High PR Websites to increase Traffic in your Blog.

The push notifications may be understood as text message alerts that users receive in their devices, even locked, giving an specific information to the end users, pushing them to an specific action (such as opening the app to read a new message).

Steps to setup Push Notification

1. Visit oneSignal site and sign up using your Gmail

2. On Dashboard click on Add New App

3.  Enter Your Site Name Their and click on create

4. In Next Step select website Push and click on Next.

5. Again select Chrome and Mozilla as a Browser Option.

6. Now put your site Url and in next Box Put your Logo URL or any other Picture Url which you want to display during Notification.

7. To Find your Logo URL goto homepage of your site and right click on your site logo and select copy image address.

8. Now if your Site is HTTPS then select it or Leave it as most of the sites are HTTP.

9. Now Click on Save and now you have to get you Key Id and App Id which can be found under App setting Section.

10. Now open your Site and go to Plugin Option.

11. Click on Add New Plugin and Install ONESIGNAL Plugin.

12. Install it and activate it.

13. Now go to Setting Page of Onesignal Plugin and click on Configuration

14. Here you have to Enter your App ID and other Details

15. You can find These Details from OneSignal Site from Step 9

16. goto onesignal site again and click on App setting and then go to key and ID Section to get you App id and other things [Step 9]

17. Just Enter All Details and Click on Save.

18. Other Setting you can manage like time, ICON and other Setting.

so these are the steps to setup Push Notification in your site. Now-a-days push Notification is very important for any blogger to increase Traffic. Also here is the list of facebook groups having more than one million members which can be used to share your post to boost traffic.

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