How to share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories

WhatsApp is finally bringing the anticipated feature that will allow users to share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories as well. The feature will show up for all users who have signed up for the beta program. Users won’t need to link their WhatsApp accounts to Facebook to use this feature.

Starting today, users in WhatsApp’s beta program will start to see a new sharing option beneath their status, which can be used to post a status directly to their Facebook story or send it to another app like Instagram, Gmail, or Google Photos.

How to share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories

This feature is available on WhatsApp Beta version only so one has to make sure that they use the required version of the app so that they can share the status to Facebook stories. follow below steps of How to share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories.

1) Open WhatsApp on your Android Mobile or any Smartphone

2) Go to “Status” and create a status, Here you will have two options: Share old status or new status

3) Go to My Status> Tap on the Hamburger icon next to the Status you want to share to Facebook

4) Tap “allow” or “open” if asked to open the Facebook app.

5) Once you get to the Facebook app, you can choose the audience that can see your story and then tap “Share now”

6) If you want to share an old status, go to My Status (iPhone) or My Status>More…(Android)>…>Share to Facebook

7) Tap “Allow” or “Open” if asked to open the Facebook app

8) Once you open the Facebook app, select the audience and tap “Share now”

According to the report, even if the users share their whatsapp status to any other Facebook-owned service such as Instagram, WhatsApp said that the two posts will be seen as separate events in the Facebook’s systems, and these will not get linked.

To ensure privacy and safety, WhatsApp is not linking the two platforms but is only using the data-sharing API on Android and iOS, just like every other app does. “It’s making use of the same iOS and Android data-sharing APIs as every other app, meaning data is transferred between the apps on-device.

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