Spyzie Review: The Best Phone Spy Software I Have Used

As cool as hacking into another person’s device sounds, it isn’t child’s play. Or at least that’s what you’d think! But with the new technological entries of dedicated spy solutions which can hack into a device within minutes, hacking has become as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

With state-of-the-art technology, spyware solutions like the one I’m going to inform you about have made it possible for even novice users to shatter the defenses of any target device in a problem-free manner. 

Since it all comes down to using the right tool, I’ve picked the best phone spy solution in the market today specially for you. Join me as I explore some of its best aspects.

Part 1: Spyzie – The Leader in Remote & Stealthy Phone Monitoring

I am very confident when I say that Spyzie is the best phone spy software that I have ever tested. The tool works like a charm and has always had my work cut out for me within minutes, well 5 minutes to be precise!

While spying you need to be discreet, because you only have the upper hand when the target doesn’t know that they are being eyed at. So if you really want to uncover some ugly truths about a target, you need to be tactful in keeping an eye on them. 

Spyzie offers 100% covert and secure monitoring on Android and iOS platforms without making you do a lot of work. For spying on a device, it does not get better than this. 

The spyware has been active in the phone monitoring industry for more than 10 years. During this time it has been able to acquire a dedicated user base in more than 190 countries spanning all across the globe. 

The application has also gained widespread recognition because of the fact that it has been featured extensively on numerous channels. Tech-giants like Forbes, Mac World and TechAdvisor have not only reviewed the tool but have also praised it for its amazing performance figures.

That certainly speaks for the tool’s credibility, right?

Part 2: What Makes Spyzie Unique?

There are numerous phone spy solutions in the market claiming to be the best. But when it comes to living up to the hype that they’ve created, they usually fail. Thankfully, Spyzie doesn’t go around creating baseless rumors. It surely lives up to its name as the perfect bang-for-buck spyware!

The tool has been admired largely because of its easy UI and neat layout – the two features which make it feel very attractive to those who do not possess any technological know-how, making it the perfect fit for both professional and personal use. 

This all rounder also packs numerous powerful features like a 24/7 target location track, pushing you notification about any incoming call or text, fetching the media files present on the target device, hacking into a social media account, and much more. 


Spyzie draws sharp contrast with its rival spy solutions, because it does not require a jailbroken or rooted device to work on. The developers have made sure that you get the data on your fingertips without voiding the device warranty or making the target device prone to malware. 

Part 3: Why Rely on Spyzie?

Following are some reasons which give Spyzie an edge over its competitors: 

Full-proof remote and stealthy functioning

The key highlight of the tool is that once it has been set up, no sort of intervention is required. It does not push off any verification or useless survey. The application is completely untraceable and works in the background without tripping any alarm. 

Spyzie comes with a free online dashboard. This is the place where all the data collected from the target device is transmitted. One can thus easily monitor all the texts or images via a browser of their choice, where all that they have to do is sign in with the Spyzie account that they have created. 

After installation, the application can be easily hidden by simply removing the icon from the drawer. It sends Spyzie into stealth mode where it can easily function in the background without giving itself away. 

Data security is foremost

You’re probably wondering about the security of your data as well your target’s data. Well you don’t need to worry. The application works smoothly without making the target device an easy prey to any sort of virus or bug. 

Moreover, the tool makes sure that none of the target’s data falls into the wrong hands because Spyzie ensures complete user privacy. It ensures that no data is stored on even the servers for complete user secrecy. 


Unlike other spyware which charge you extremely high and do not even work, Spyzie costs you the amount equivalent to a meal at the restaurant! The details of subscription plans are really simple and there’s no false play there. 

Unique features

The tool comes equipped with 35+ amazing features to help you keep a better check on the target device. However, my two personal favorites are:

  • The Android keylogger – this is a feature which helps you generate prospective passwords for any social networking application. It records the keystrokes and reshuffles them to get a password. Hacking into social and email accounts was never this easy.

  • Dedicated social panels – Spyzie has a dedicated spy feature for all the social media applications like Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Whatsapp and many more. These help you keep a better check on any activity for the specific application. Just click on the panel in the dashboard and your work’s done.

Part 4: Spy on Any Target Device using Spyzie

Follow these steps to perform completely secretive remote phone spying:

Step 1: Create a free Spyzie account and pick out a subscription plan.

Step 2: Specify the target OS next. In case of iOS you will have to fill in the target’s iCloud credentials for the application to start syncing. 

However in case of Android, you will have to install the application on the target device. 

Step 3: On the finish prompt, when you hit ‘Start’ you will be able to see real-time data updates in your online dashboard. 

To understand the functioning and the purpose of the tool better, be sure to check out its free live demo. 

Final Words

According to me, Spyzie is the best phone spy software ever designed. The tool is extremely efficient and is quite capable of getting your job done without any problems. Since it doesn’t push any notification, Spyzie functions like a true spyware should – in complete secrecy. 

The tool is also very affordable and will surely reach your expectations. It is also very dependable, thus making it a complete all rounder.

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