How To Stay Safe and Private with VPN Bitcoin Payments

VPN is an important tool to stay anonymous and hide your details. VPN is more significant in countries where bitcoin is banned. You can access cryptocurrencies by using a VPN and trade freely.

Bitcoin users go to any extent to hide their identity and contact details. While buying a VPN with your credit card, you can be traced with your name, address bank details, etc. To ensure anonymity, you should purchase a VPN with bitcoin to go one step ahead of others. Visit this website to buy a premium VPN that cares about your privacy.

If you purchase carefully, VPN bitcoin payments allow you to buy VPN without leaving a trace about your identity. Furthermore, In this article, we will talk about how to buy a VPN with bitcoin and how to hide your identity.

Why Should You Use Bitcoin For VPN Payments

To hide your identity!

VPN bitcoin payments allow you to hide your identity to some extent. It is safe and secure until you are paying a reputable VPN service provider.

Things could go horribly wrong if you try to pay at a malicious website. But, you probably already know that. Let’s move to the next step – how to make VPN bitcoin payments.

How to Buy a VPN with Bitcoin

Visit your VPN provider’s website to initiate the process. Sign up and enter the necessary details.

Once you get to the payment option, look for cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.

VPN service providers use a third-party payment system to manage transactions. For instance, they are using BitPay. You will be asked to pay as a guest or sign up.

Feel free to choose the option that suits you.

Depending on the payment system, you need to enter your email address and other contact details.

Now, here is the VPN Bitcoin payment. Also, You will get a QR code and payment URL. So, Copy and paste the URL in the Bitcoin wallet app or you can simply scan the QR code.

Review and confirm the transaction details to pay the bitcoin. It may take some time to verify the transaction on the blockchain. Moreover, Your transaction may take more time depending on how many times it needs to be confirmed in the subsequent blocks.

Ultimately, you will get the confirmation. Now, you can proceed with the sign-up.

Note: If you are making VPN bitcoin payments to hide your identity, you should take some extra measures. Moreover, It includes hiding your IP address and using a burner email. To hide your IP address, you can use a free VPN. We will talk about it later.

How to Buy VPN Anonymously?

Most people believe that bitcoin is anonymous. In fact, it is not true. The blockchain records the receiver, sender, and amount of every transaction.

What is blockchain? A digital register of every transaction on the bitcoin network.

The blockchain records the amount of bitcoin and wallet address. In short, your purchase can be trailed back to you.

On the positive side, your wallet identity could be different than your real identity. In the blockchain, only the wallet address is noted. It means that you remain somewhat anonymous. For most of the users, this is sufficient.

To keep your traces as minimum as possible, you need to use a free VPN to buy the VPN service. Moreover, you have to provide a burner email to stay anonymous.

How to Get a Burner Email?

VPN service providers need your email to initiate the process. When you are concerned about your privacy, you may not like to share your email address.

Bitcoin users usually try their best to hide their email and other relevant details. In such an event, you can use a burner email to ensure anonymity.

Many websites offer free burner email addresses including Guerrilla Mail and Mailinator. To hide your identity, you must visit them with a VPN. Also, it will prevent them to record your IP address.

Guerrilla Mail

Visit the website and you can get any email address as long as it ends in “” Remember to use a VPN to access the website.

On the website, you can check email without a password. So, you can also reply or open attachments without any registration.

Keep in mind that anyone can check the email without a password. Emails are automatically deleted after one hour while email addresses last indefinitely.


With Mailinator, the process remains the same.

All email addresses can be checked by anyone without any password. However, they get deleted after every eight hours. You can read an email but can’t reply to them.

ONCE AGAIN, you must use VPN to access the website. Moreover, make sure you save any important information that you may require in the future because emails will be deleted.

Use Free VPN to Make VPN Bitcoin Payments

In the first step, you have used burner email to hide your identity. The next step is to hide your IP address while making the VPN bitcoin payments. How?

Well, you need a VPN! Confusing, right?

Why you should use a VPN to buy VPN? Because VPN services may not record IP addresses but their website does. To protect your identity, you have to go to any extent.

Here are few VPN services that are free to use.

ProtonVPN Free

With support on Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS, this is one of the most popular free VPN in the world. Surprisingly, you get access to full features without any monthly data limits.

Most importantly, it has an excellent reputation on the privacy front.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

An easy-to-use VPN supported on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. You get most of the premium features but with a data limit of 500 per day.

There is only one server for free users and no live support is available. However, it is great for short-term use – especially if you want to use it only to buy a VPN service.

Windscribe free

With a generous limit of up to 10 GB per month, you can use the VPN with ease. They have servers located in 11 countries.

They have an excellent privacy policy and are supported on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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