How to Have A Successful Career in Esports

Anyone can land a job in esports despite not being professional gamers. The industry of esports is rapidly expanding with numerous careers that people can choose from. However, some people still think video games don’t add value to any career or development. Most people who engage in esports are genuine job seekers. In 2016, esports generated $500m global revenue, which attracted many companies to it. This has created numerous jobs for many within the industry. Read on to understand esports career better.

Starting a career in esports?

Getting into an esports career is not as complicated as many thinks. The jobs are countless and getting paid is easier. However, you must be dedicated to seeing success since it’s a very competitive industry. Also, your passion will determine how far you’ll go.

Work experience

You need to be in contact with tournaments, teams, and companies that promote Maxi Players. Know who you want to work with and always choose a reputable firm to gain more experience. But if you land on smaller organizations, it will be disadvantageous for you. If you contact respected companies, they will show you the in-depth esports world to enhance your skills. While in the field of esports, ask any questions if you want clarity. Your employer will know you are serious about your career and after you gain experience, he can share your contacts with places that can open doors to your future.

Choose your niche

Although being an all-rounder has numerous benefits, specializing in one area can help you build your career. There are countless niches to choose from such as:

  • Professional player
  • Coach/analyst
  • Sales/partnerships manager
  • Admin/referee
  • Event manager
  • Agent
  • Shoutcaster/host, and many more

Choosing the above careers should relate to your area of experience or that which you are interested in. For instance, if you have good communication skills, you can do better in journalism, PR, as well as marketing. You can even decide to try a new area and gain experience in it. Let’s say you are skilled in counter-strike, but you are confident in analysis skills that allow you to work with a company offering it.


Here are countless paid-for and unpaid volunteer positions offered by different companies. Event staff, running tournaments, and tech support are some of the things you can volunteer in. You can even assist visitors, as well as help the show run smoothly. Volunteering isn’t a waste of time since you will gain helpful experience, not paying for events you attend, and upgrading your CV. With proper experience, potential employers will be interested to add you to their team.


Anybody can get into esports. With enough experience, you can sign up for job alerts online. Analyze the companies you are interested in working with while being keen on job openings. Ensure no job goes unnoticed if you want to increase your chances of getting employed. Stay motivated and keep talking to professionals in the Maxi Players industry know the happenings. Internships can also help you but ensure it doesn’t take much of your time before you start working and enjoying your salary.

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