Most Successful ROYAL ENFIELD Modifications – Must see Post for Bike Lovers

Tips for ROYAL ENFIELD Modifications

Successful ROYAL ENFIELD Modifications. Royal Enfield Modifications Inc. showcases the best Custom made Royal Enfields around the globe. Share your Beast with us and let world know what you got. Modified Royal Enfield pictures are given below.

Royal Enfield bikes are one of the most customised bikes in India, here are five recent modification jobs that will make you go wow. Puranam Designs. This particular model has been designed by Puranam Designs based out of Delhi. Kapidwajha. Twin cylinder Alchemy. Ghost Rider.

Modified Royal Enfield pictures

Tips for ROYAL ENFIELD Modifications

First of congratulations on getting thumped and secondly Never listen to what the showroom guy has to say especially about accessories, those buggers have insanely high margins on the gear and merchandise they sell with the bike and some of the products are just inferior quality(gloves). But Please do invest in some quality riding gear along with the bike to keep you safe. Modified Royal Enfield ideas

The company approved silencer (Wild boar .. i guess)  just sounds and looks better than the stock with no performance gains is more of a personal choice and probably the only accessory you should purchase along with the bike at the dealers. Some people like to thump louder than others, the rest are happy with the stock.

Bottom line reality is the aluminum engine blocks on all the new RE’s can never sound as good as the iron block engines on the older Enfield’s. This has forced few people to upgrade from the stock to the louder exhaust. IMO if you can afford it you should take it, no harm in feeling a bit more Royal. Modified Royal Enfield ideas you can also share below in comment section.

If you care about your bike and the environment, please do not change the silencer ever! The stock silencer of Royal Enfield is designed to create back-pressure in the engine that helps in complete combustion of the fuel and noise reduction. Changing it will definitely reduce the mileage of the bike and increase air pollution.

I also spoke with a few people who are currently working in Royal Enfield to get their inputs as well. Here are my insights on Modified Royal Enfield.

1) You are getting a Classic. So… KEEP IT CLASSIC. Do not get alloys, they ruin the looks of it. Yes you get sturdier wheel but with spokes (RE has THICK spokes), you get repairability without sacrificing sturdiness.

2) The Silencer may make sense to you as RE themselves have approved a few options that will not void your warranty. Talk to the official RE owned showroom to get the exact details regarding this. This only changes the engine tone and does nothing else performance wise

3) Talking about the coating, The dealer must have spoken to you about the Teflon coating for your bike. Its a purely cosmetic choice. It does keep the bike clean but then an RE demands maintenance so IMHO you are better off without it and cleaning it regularly

No matter your choices, You are going to have fun with the bike. Always wear a helmet while riding. RIDE SAFE with your Modified Royal Enfield.

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