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Tiktok pro app

Tiktok pro app Download Link Scam: Some cybercriminals are now using this situation to push spyware dubbed as TikTok Pro that supposedly offers videos and also allows users to create new content similar to TikTok. This message along with an URL is being forwarded on various messaging apps and here is why you should not fall for this online scam.

There Is Nothing Called TikTok Pro App

Do note that, there is nothing called a TikTok Pro app and the link shared is likely to contain spyware and malware that can steal your data or can even damage your smartphone by installing virus-infested apps that might look like a TikTok app. Please keep in mind that Tiktok pro app Download Link is a scam.

Just by clicking on that link could damage your smartphone and you could permanently lose some of the some or even all the data stored on your device. Even if you receive a message that says something like this, then don’t forward to anyone, as some unaware people might actually click on the link to get back into TikTok. if you receive Tiktok pro app Download Link then just ignore that email.

Instead, one can for a TikTok replacement app, such as Chingari, Roposo, or even something like the Firework that offers a tonne of short videos. The company is currently in talks with the Govt of India and it could resolve the issue and might actually make a comeback.

This is one of the oldest tricks used for cybercriminals and most of the innocent people even fall for this plot. As an iPhone does not support third-party app installation outside the App Store, Android users are most vulnerable, especially if third-party app installation is enabled or if the smartphone has root access. There is no official app from TikTok called TikTok Pro and do not click on any link that says so.

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