These Top 5 Best Free Fax Apps Make You Fax like Lightning from iPhone/iPad (Updated 2021)

If you have to send a fax for official work but you don’t have a landline or a fax machine, don’t worry you can send the fax by using your iPhone or ipad. You can learn about the different ways you can use to make this miracle happen.

Google has been making our life easy for a long time. This is possible now to send and receive fax through google interfaces like google docs and gmail. Email fax to gmail has made the fax at par with modern technology.

 Google Fax Free blog site is the place to find many reliable online faxing services and the pros and cons of each faxing service. 

CocoFax: a virtual fax machine

If you want to know about the services of cocofax and other online faxing services Google Fax Free is the best site for you to visit,  you can visit this site  and clear all your doubts regarding the online faxing and cocofax.

Cocofax provides the free trial for one month without any fee you can enjoy the convenience of online faxing. Cocofax has been endorsed by many international forums like Forbes TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, Mashable, and Tom’s Guide.

If you are trying to send the fax for the first time this article is your trusted guide for the whole process.  The first thing you need is the device with an internet connection, after that just visit and try the free service for a while. 

Once the account is up and running you can discover many other features of CocoFax like you can send the fax like you send an email from the email account or you can send the fax directly from the CocoFax dashboard. In this process fax machines are not necessary nor a landline connection.

 Fax number is the must if you want to send or receive the fax from someone. This number will be provided to you by the CocoFax online while signing up for the CocoFax account.  

This is one of many reasons why CocoFax  is recommended as the trustworthy online faxing service by the Google Fax Free blog site as the best fax app for iPhone and android.

CocoFax will be up and receiving the faxes even when the mobile is off so there is no chance of missing the fax except that the fax number is incorrect or the lines are busy. In the later cases you may not be able to receive the fax on time.

Step wise guidelines for sending fax via CocoFax dashboard:

These online fax services are necessary because they do the work of transforming the analog files into digital form for you. 

Step 1:

First and foremost you have to visit the official site and make your account there. You can sign up for the account by first selecting the fax number. There are many options for you to choose the fax number. The fax number could be the toll-free number, vanity number or local fax number. 

Vanity numbers are mostly in short supply. After that you will be taken to the next window where you will be asked to enter the full name of yours and the email address. This email account will be merged with the CocoFax account and your incoming faxes will be directed towards your email inbox.

Step 2:

After sign up is complete CocoFax dashboard will appear with the option of ‘new fax’ in the top left corner. For sending the fax you can click on this option and a new window will appear on the screen of your iPhone.

One thing to mention is that CocoFax works from the web browser so there is no need to install any software on your device and after the expiry of free trial you will be required to pay for the services if you want to use them further.

Step 3:

After the appearance of the new window you will see many fields there similar to the ones you fill for sending the email. 

To field:

This one is necessary to fill with focus because here you have to type the fax number of the fax recipient and if the number is not correct the fax will not be delivered.


This field is not necessary to fill you can leave it vacant or can enter the title for the fax.


Same is the case with this one. You can compose the summary of the fax here.


Now the document you have to fax will be attached here and for this you have to click on the paper clip option. After that you will see the folders and files. You have to choose the document and it will get attached here.

Step 4:

Last thing to do is to review the fax and click on the send option and your fax will be received by CocoFax. After that it will be sent to the recipient.

After the fax delivery the CocoFax will let you know by sending a notification and the email in your inbox.

Receiving fax on CocoFax dashboard:

Fax receiving is very easy and you just have to give your fax number to the sender and you will get the fax directly in your inbox. You can check it whenever you have time. CocoFax has a large storage limit so your faxes will be saved for the lifetime of the account.


This faxing service is suitable if you have to send multiple faxes internationally. Efax does not charge extra payment for the international faxes that is the case with lots of other online faxing services. But the catch of the service is that after the expiry of the free trial period the faxing becomes quite expensive.

Efax is used by many business organizations because it has the convenience of adding the digital signature to the faxes. Its free trial is very useful if you have to send only a few faxes for a limited time period.


Myfax is the third option you can use for making your cell phone or ipad a virtual fax machine. My fax can send the international faxes without the need of submitting the extra payment but the thing you cannot do is the digital signature.

The services are feasible and its use is very convenient for all kinds of users.


ifax can send various formats of files and if you want to send more than one faxes you can attach the multiple files at the same time and the software will send them as a single file. The only difference is that the time for which you can use its services without any cost is short as compared to other services.


Metrofax also provides the faxing services from the iPhone and the ipad. The features are quite convenient and the storage is large enough. This service is not expensive so it will not affect your budget. You can send different formats of files from this software.


By now you must have a clear view of the procedure you can follow for sending the fax online. Apart from that this article has provided you many options for sending and receiving the fax you can use on your mobile phone.

CocoFax is the recommended software by most because of its easy to use settings and its reliable features. You can try the CocoFax for making faxing fun and convenient.

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