Top 5 Companies that make big Investment in Bitcoins

With the increased popularity of digital assets worldwide, various corporate houses show interest in investing in the cryptocurrencies. To fulfil your business objectives right, it is essential to adopt the best fitting cryptocurrency and facilitate easy online payments. Check out the article to explore why the top companies consider crypto and generate good returns. Check out the common yet major benefits of blockchain if you’re interested in bitcoin trading.

Valid reasons for using crypto by top companies

If you are interested in using crypto for your company, know your company’s benefits by investing in crypto.

1) Use crypto as a fruitful alternative to cash. Where cash may experience depreciation over the period, crypto is exceedingly emerging over the years. In this regard, there are volatility risks associated with crypto investment, and you must thoughtfully consider it in your business.

2) Introducing the new age digital asset in your company can make the employees aware of the state-of-the-art technology; hence your company is likely to hold the emerging position in the near future.

3) For the right positioning of your business and to attract important vendors, you can use crypto. The seamless exchange with the stakeholders ensures the successful running of your business. 

4) Crypto transactions play a crucial role in attracting new-age customers to your business. As the cutting-edge technology ensures maximum transparency in transactions, the company finds more new customers that purchase via cryptocurrencies. And the market is witnessing a steep growth in the recent years.

5) Companies can get engaged in using crypto to secure real-time money transfers, manage the opportunities as well as risks, and strengthen the authority over the capital.

5 public companies investing in Bitcoins

1) Tesla

Electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla has joined the firms that hold Bitcoin as an alternative to cash. In December 2020, CEO Elon Musk declared the updated investment policy for bringing diversity and flexibility with the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin. Since its policy update, Tesla invested $1.5 billion into a digital asset named Bitcoin to acquire more assets in the long run. 

2) Marathon Digital Holdings

As a Bitcoin mining company, Marathon Digital Holdings upgraded its Bitcoin holdings to over 5,000. The company aims for being the largest mining company in North America at a low energy cost. The company believes that holding Bitcoins instead of US dollars will provide them with better returns in the long run. Hence, the company practices producing almost 55 Bitcoins a day to be an indispensable part of treasury reserves.

3) Square Inc.

Since 2018, the payment firm has held cryptocurrency to create open access to the software. With the benefit of a distinct empowerment tool, the company uses Bitcoin to secure the future. With almost 5,000 Bitcoin holdings in 2020, the company is looking for framing a bitcoin wallet to help the users store their digital currencies without the custody of Square.

4) Coinbase Global Inc.

The renowned crypto firm made a wild move by declaring itself a public company and becoming a preeminent exchange platform in the USA. With a current holder of 4,487 Bitcoins, the company continues buying more to mark a landmark in the crypto industry in the coming days.

5) MicroStrategy

As a business analytics firm, the company has invested in Bitcoin as its primary asset. The CEO, Michael Saylor, has always supported Bitcoin in public accounts like Twitter. A part of the company website is devoted to Bitcoin to acquire more digital assets to maximize its long-term value. With the continued investment in Bitcoin, MicroStrategy showcases its belief in long-term potential compared to holding liquid cash. 

Final thoughts

Investing in Bitcoins is almost similar to stock investment. Therefore, before trading in Bitcoins, purchase it with your deposited funds to make an informed decision. Amongst all the cryptocurrencies, the value of Bitcoin has remained stable for a long period. The individuals hold the largest part of cryptocurrencies, but the top corporate houses also hold Bitcoins in their balance sheets. Being a handy alternative to holding cash, the companies prove that buying Bitcoin can help them get valued returns. Consider the possible benefits and risks of adopting crypto in your business and determine whether it is the best fit for fulfilling your objectives. Get an insight into all the challenges and opportunities your business passes to get hold of cryptocurrencies for operational purposes.

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