Top 5 High-Paid Artistic Jobs

Our take on creative careers is to choose one that will pay you handsomely while you are still alive. If you have the right contacts, skill sets and where to look at, it will be possible to achieve the results that matter as a career artist. Your communication skills and professional skills will open many doors in your life, such as students when you buy assignments online, this allows them to fully solve their difficult tasks in universities. So you could take advantage of this opportunity when you were just studying at university and dreamed of getting your first job.

We have on our list five creative jobs that are highly paying; if you choose any of them, you are going to be handsomely rewarded.

1. Designing of games

The entry path to game design or information design at the university is to complete work experience before an entry gaming role can be achieved in a gaming company. You are going to start as a tester before moving up the ladder.

The job

The job involves working for a gaming company. The work takes place in an office or studio. They work with programmers and artists who guide the programming and artistic direction of video games. Their contributions are in the following areas:

  • Development of game play
  • Storyline
  • User interface
  • Characters
  • Game rules

2. Animator

The average pay for pay for animators in the US is US $50,200. Experts with greater skill sets will earn more. It is mandatory to complete an animation course. It involves the development of relevant technical skills and the building of a portfolio. With commanding work experience, you are good to begin your career as an animator.

The job

They create animations through the use of 2D and 3D for the web as well as presentations. The knowledge of Photoshop and animation software is a must. In addition to official work, such designers always have the opportunity to provide assignment help and receive money for it on popular freelance exchanges.

3. The senior graphic designer

The pay slip for senior graphic designers in the US is put at an average ofUS $56,000. Top-rated designers can earn as much as US $81,000. When you gain admission into university, it is mandatory to study graphic design. You must go on and build your own portfolio. The starting point will be as a trainee designer. It is from there that you can work your way up the ladder.

The job

The job of the graphic designer is to create graphics for brands. They make use of numerous software and a variety of media.

4. The art director

The average salary is about US $61,000. This will get higher as the director gains experience and becomes more clinical in the role as a director. Those that have knowledge of interface design will earn more. Experts in any of the fields of photography to architecture to interior design will fit into this profession.

The job

The design staff will take orders from the art director. Creative directors rely on their experience, intuition and artistic flair. To excel in this profession, there is a need for strong technical skills as well as management expertise.

5. The creative director

There is a high average starting salary for creative directors in the US. The starting point can be as high as US $44,000. On average, creative directors earn as much as US $83,000.

The job

The creative director has the role of conceptualizing creative projects. They are visible in graphic design, media, and music and in advertising.

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