Top video editing apps and software for YouTube


The world has become a smaller place with the Internet on our phones. Connecting with one another, communicating from half-way across the world is no big deal anymore. It is no longer difficult to address a huge audience from the comfort of one’s home. And all of this has happened, thanks to the largest human-made network in the world. 

The Internet has given the world a lot of invaluable presents, one of them being YouTube. Created in 2005 to make sharing videos an easier process, YouTube has grown through the decade to become one of the most popular and widely used applications globally. With the rise of YouTube, the importance of videos increased, too. As a result, there came about a ton of applications and software to make these videos. To state it more precisely, there was an application for every part of a YouTube video. For example, you can download a separate intro maker like this one here for your YouTube videos and use a different one to design the video itself. 

Video editing apps and software for YouTube

Today, a decade and a half after YouTube went live on the Internet, there are plenty of apps and software that help you make amazing videos to entertain your audience.

Here is a list of such apps and software that you should be using to create high-end videos for your viewers on YouTube: 

Adobe Premiere Rush: If you are starting up with videos, this might be a little intimidating for you, especially because of how many options it packs within its interface. However, if you are a bit experienced in making videos, you should try this out! The USP of Premiere Rush is its speed. It can help you design the most amazing videos in half the time to create the same on some other software. Although Adobe is available for free, you can upgrade to its pro version at an affordable monthly cost. 

iMovie: iMovie was crafted for the beginner. If you use Mac OS and you are just starting or learning the skills of video making or video editing, this software does a pretty good job of teaching you the basics. iMovie gives you a fair idea of what you have signed up for and helps you take baby steps towards being a comfortable user of editing software. It comes free with your Mac PC. However, as you scale up your rank as an editor, you will realize that iMovie, although perfect for small editing tasks, cannot be used for bigger projects. 

Movie Maker Pro: For all of you who started young, maybe back in the early 2000s, this name is bound to bring some nostalgia. Movie Maker used to be a go-to back in the days of Windows XP and Windows 7. However, with the new Windows 10 versions on the round, that software is dead. The good news is, it has been replaced by a better one that packs not only most of its ancestor’s features but also some high-end options of its own. It is available in Microsoft Store and can be downloaded for free. You could also use the paid version if you have heavier projects to handle. 

Blender: Believe it or not, but Blender is one of the best video editing software out there. Some of you must know the name as a famed 3D graphics application, and that is exactly what makes it so much better than the others. With its powerful features, including the benefits of 3D graphics, you can incorporate all this into your YouTube videos. You are sure to create amazing content that would be a treat for the eyes! 

Final Cut Pro X: Infamous as the pro version of iMovie, fans have been quite disappointed with Final Cut Pro X software. But there is still a reason for including it in our list. Irrespective of how fans feel about this software, it is quite powerful for intermediate editors who are continuously upskilling. Also, since it is available only for the Mac OS, it uses some of its popular features to help create great videos along the way. 

InVideo: is essentially a free video editing software that also has a paid version. It is recently being used more by expert video editors in recognition of how brilliant it can be for all levels of editing. Even if you are a beginner, you can start using InVideo without much hassle and keep scaling up with practice and conviction. It is loaded with features, and the free version gives you access to most of them. However, if you have some heavy, important projects that you want to be perfect with, you should get yourself the paid version. 


With all these editing software available for free (mostly), creating videos should not be much of a hassle. All you need to do is, stay determined and motivated to create your videos. Making amazing videos for YouTube can be time-consuming, but do not let that deter you from starting the process. If you set your mind to it, you can rise up the chain sooner than you think.

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