How To Track Someone’s Location

From tracking a lost smartphone to knowing a cheater’s exact location, there are numerous people in the world who want to follow someone through their mobile phone. Yes, it might seem impossible or difficult but it isn’t. If you have a similar case and looking to find out the best phone tracker app, then you have reached the right place.

Now mobile phone spy apps have made it easier for everyone to track anyone close to them through mobile apps. It might not sound legal or ethical but the majority of people adopt this way because there is nothing else that they can do to track someone. From personal relationship issues to frauds, there are countless reasons due to which you might need to track anybody this way. 

Do not worry at all about spending hours on Google to find out the best apps. We have years of experience in this field and have gathered a list of the best apps that you can start using right away. So, without wasting your time anymore, let us get into it:


The first app that comes on top of our list is mSpy. It is widely recommended for its high-end parental control features along with many other benefits. The app allows parents to completely monitor their kids’ smartphone activities. From viewing incoming and outgoing calls and texts to accessing the call history and tracking their location based on GPS, everything becomes easier. Along with that, the app also allows spying their Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many other important apps.


Another top-recommended mobile monitoring solution on our list is SpyBubble. The application is fully compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms and works pretty well. It runs perfectly on all of today’s most famous internet browsers and comes with more than 25 amazing features. From calls, texts, and logs to social media apps, and much more, SpyBubble is a highly recommended option for those looking for the best phone tracker app.

If you are actively looking to track someone without knowing them about it, then do not forget to check out It is a highly distinguished and one of today’s famous mobile spy apps. It has millions of users and offers almost every in-demand feature. It works well on any device and platform. It is known for its unique benefits such as knowing anyone’s current location as well as having access to complete location history.


For those who are looking for a more comprehensive and detailed mobile tracking and spying application, Spyera can be a perfect choice. The app is fully capable of providing the best remote monitoring features. From the majority of today’s best-selling Android phones and tablets to iPhones and iPads, this app is all you need to easily get your hands on anybody’s current location as well as many other details. The application is very easy to install and requires only a few moments to get everything done.


Another famous mobile tracking app covered on our list is Glympse. The most unique and attractive feature of this app is that it doesn’t require you to download and install anything. Not only your phone, but the app doesn’t even need anything to be installed on the target phone. This app is highly recommended for all those who primarily want to track someone’s location. The application is integrated with Google Maps which makes it pretty simple to track and follow the target smartphone without facing any issues at all.

Family Locator — GPS Tracker

Here is another best phone tracker app backed by GPS technology. Family Locator is one of today’s most reliable and high-end apps that provides real-time location of any given mobile device. Whether it’s an iOS or an Android mobile phone, you can easily get to know the current location without going through any complex procedure. The app will provide you access to up to 7 days of location history which is a premium feature but still, you can find out the current location without spending even a single penny. What’s more interesting is that Family Locator can easily operate on Android 5.0 or later versions as well as iOS 11.2 or newer versions.

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