How to Transfer Files from Android to PC: 5 Great Ways You Might Need

It is common to transfer files in life and work. With more and more file transfer tools created, to transfer files from Android to PC is easier than ever before. For example, you can select the cloud-based services, professional transfer programs, built-in transfer features and more to make it without difficulty.

If you are eager to know different ways on Android to PC file transfer, please don’t miss this post, which has introduced the 5 fabulous solutions about the topic. You can make a selection from it directly.

Transfer Files from Android to PC with Coolmuster Android Assistant

Coolmuster Android Assistant, as a file transfer and management program, is a comprehensive assistant for Android with the 1-click transfer, preview and multiple features. Furthermore, it can not only transfer files from Android to PC using a USB cable, but also Wi-Fi, which satisfies two kinds of requirements of the connection.

Files like photos, videos, music, documents, contacts, call logs, text messages, and apps are supported to transfer from Android to PC. And you can achieve the transfer with various Android devices, since it is widely compatible with many Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9, Sony Xperia 10/Xperia 5/Xperia 1/Xperia L4, HTC U20/U12 Life/U12+/U11, LG G9/G8/G7/G6, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Google, OPPO, Vivo, and more.

Here’s how to transfer files from Android to PC in 1 click with Coolmuster Android Assistant:

  • Download and install the software from here, and then launch it.
  • Connect your Android device to the computer via a USB cable.
  • Go to the “Super Toolkit” tab and choose the “Backup” option.
  • After selecting the data types, you can hit on the “Back Up” button to begin the transfer process.

Transfer Data from Android to PC with AirDroid

AirDroid can let you access your Android phone/tablet on the computer wirelessly, and help you transfer data from Android to PC without hassle, including music, photos, documents and APKs. If you are a premium user, you can transfer folders as well.

Another highlight is that you can remotely control your Android phone, like in hand. However, AirDroid cannot transfer SMS, contacts and call logs from Android to PC. If you plan to transfer these kinds of data types, it is not the ideal helper.

Guide on how to transfer files from Android to PC with AirDroid:

  • Download AirDroid on the Android phone and the computer. Then install and run it together.
  • Sign up your own AirDroid account to add your Android device and scan the QR code for connection.
  • Transfer the files you want from Android to PC via drag and drop.

Transfer Files from Android to PC with Google Drive

Google Drive supports many file types, such as pictures, audio files, videos, documents and more, which is helpful to transfer files from Android to PC. Moreover, you can organize your Android files on it with creating folders to drag files in it and removing the unwanted files and folders whenever you want.

Without a USB cable, connecting with a stable network, you can upload files from your Android phone to Google Drive and download them on the PC to finish the file transfer. That means it will take double mobile data and time, which is a disadvantage of it.

Steps on how to transfer files from Android to PC with Google Drive:

  • Download and install Google Drive on the Android phone.
  • Tap on the “Plus” icon to upload the desired files from your Android phone.
  • Log in to Google Drive on the PC. Then touch the file and right-click the mouse to select the “Download” option. The file will be transferred to the PC soon.

Send Files from Android to PC with Bluetooth

If your computer has the Bluetooth function, you can transfer files from Android to PC with Bluetooth. But it requires putting your Android device and the computer together or at least within 10 meters. Using Bluetooth to transfer several small-size files is useful, but it is time-consuming to transfer the big files.

Anyway, you can make it without downloading any applications on your Android device. Although you need to transfer files manually, it is a nice way to transfer files when the network is unavailable.

Tutorial on how to transfer files from Android to PC with Bluetooth:

  • Enable Bluetooth feature on Android by entering the Settings app. And turn on the Bluetooth on the PC: Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.
  • Choose your Android phone on the searching list of the computer to pair each other.
  • Navigate to the file you would like to send, and tap on the “Share” icon to send it via Bluetooth.

Send Data from Android to PC with USB Drive

The last method to transfer files from Android to PC is to use a USB drive. Nowadays, there is a kind of USB drive with dual USB connectors that you can insert it into both the Android phone and the computer. Importantly, it is safer to transfer data with your flash drive than cloud services.

There is no network needed if you use a USB drive to transfer files, and it can transfer your files with 150 Mbps, even if you transfer the large files, you can finish it in a short time.

Here’s how to transfer files from Android to PC with USB Drive:

  • Plug the flash drive into your Android phone.
  • Copy the files from the Android internal memory to the USB drive, and then remove it safely.
  • Insert it into the PC and move the files from it to the PC via drag and drop. After done, securely remove it from the computer.


If the methods mentioned above can help you solve the problem of how to transfer files from Android to PC, this post has achieved the mission. And welcome to share different solutions on the comments part anytime.

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