Trick To Generate Fake Whatsapp Chat Using Android Phone.

Once again we are back again with a new awesome whatsapp trick, which is really helpful to you even me also to fun with my friends and make them surprise many times, In this trick we’re going to tell you that how to create fake whatsapp chat chat between two persons. here  is Latest Whatsapp Status in Hindi and English
So, First We were talking about what is the use of trick- I think it is the common sense what we do by creating the fake chat ok guys don’t worry if you don’t know then do not worry let me tell you in a easy and explained way.
Sometime you wants to talk with a girl or a famous person on whatsapp for normal peoples to talk with famous person is an rare case but to talk with a girl or a friend which have a good image in circle much easier then but you can’t be able to talk with them then by this trick you’re able to create the fake chat with them and show your friends as a screenshot that they are your friends. here’s How to use Whatsapp with A Fake USA Number
When you do something fun is that create the fake chat with that girl who is really much popular in your circle and then take a screenshot of your chat and show it to your friends that she talked with you and then it will be the surprise movement to your friends.
I Think now you finally understand what is the main motive of thsi trick but there is one little condition is that never use this trick in a wrong way but you can do it as a educational purposes or to do fun with your friends under sense of humors hpe you understand so let’s see How to create /generate fake whatsapp chat.  check from here Whatsapp Groups Link Collection

Method To Generate Fake Whatsapp Chat

1. Firstly Download- Fake Chat Simulator App

2. Now open The Fake Chat Simulator App

3. Then choose your whatsapp version.

4. Now Enter Name and Profile Pic and Number.

5. Done Chat Conversation Screen is Shown to you now send any message and enjoy the fake chat.

Now! You’re able to show your friend that who talk to any famous version or any girl who is really Famous in your circle but never use it for any working purposes use it for fun in sense of humor, Enjoy the Trick to generate fake whatsapp chat using android.
When you make a conversation and send a message then you’ll get automatic reply which makes you work much easier, and save you time which can spoil if you were use any other android app to create fake whatsapp chat, This the the best one.

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