Tricks to use in Day2Day Life to make life Easier – Must see

Tricks to use in Day2Day Life : Our daily life brings new opportunities, challenges and struggles. Overcoming them using some nice clever ideas can obviously give a boost in your work hence making it more fun and loving. for Free Internet tricks visit here

We have collected 11 of these practical life hacks into this one big list that is easy to digest because they’re all images! By tweaking little things, it can make your life much easier. Enjoy!

Tricks to use in Day2Day Life

1. use sunglasses for keeping my Cell phone so that later one I do not have to search for it.


2. Tie a dark color cloth ribbon to your bag, it will save a lot of your time searching for your bad at passengers lounge.


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3. While ironing a button up shirt, press it inside out.


4. If you are in need to use mobile light, then use it underneath a water bottle, it will distribute light in more balanced way.


5. Below is the self-explanatory way for the preparation of quick mobile holder.


6. If you have a lot of keys and you are finding it difficult to find the needed one, color it with a Nail Polish.


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7. To trick the crank of an Alarm, place it in a glass. it increases volume


8. Use a rubber band over the paint container to keep its corner clean.


9. Use bread clips to save the flip- flops hole.


10. Which headphone is left one, this is a simple way.


11. Make it sure you drink enough water around the day.


So these were some Tricks to use in Day2Day Life Ideas for Making your life much easier in using your regular stuff day 2 day, have fun and do share if you found this one really useful.

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