[Unlimited Trick Added] UC Browser Loot – Refer and get free Mobiles and MI Band 4

UC Invite Code – UC Browser Paytm Loot -UC Browser Referral code to Earn Paytm Cash- Refer and Earn Rs.5000 Paytm Cash. It is valid for Mobile Users only. So start inviting your Friends to earn paytm cash for Free. Per Refer you will get Some Points which will add up to Complete Rs 5000 and once you complete Rs 5000 quest you can redeem via Paytm cash. Unlimited Trick of UC Loot is added Below.

UC Invite Code – 4unu3hLT1 

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Using UC Invite Code you will get rs 10 as a Sign up bonus and Rs 20 Paytm Cash From UC Browser Paytm Loot When your friend uses your UC Invite Code.

How to avail UC Browser Paytm Loot

1) UC Browser Price Drop Loot || Get Mi Band 4 & many more free || Free Redmi 7S mobile

2) Click on the link and open with Uc browser http://bit.ly/36BbGAU

3) Now Click on Help >Now login your Account (with Fb/Google)

4) Now again click here – http://bit.ly/36BbGAU

5) If ask For invite Code then enter – 4unu3hLT1

6) Now again Click on Help and a Pop will Come and create Your Own Link of your desire Product

7) Now Share your link Drop the Price and get your selected Product For free

8) You can do refer to one friend 6 times, daily one time so 6 day 6 times

9) so tomorrow again click on my link and also refer again to ur same friends, repeat 6 days.. Easily u can win

Uc browser Unlimited trick Nov 2019:

1- Download Parallel Space from play Store
2- Add UC Browser App in it
3- Open your own Refer link in this Browser
4- Every time use Different sign in
5- You will get your refer each time
6- Now Clear App data From Setting
7- Delete Parallel Browser Folder from Storage
8- Grab it for unlimited times…

NOte: It is not suggested to use unlimited Trick || Try at your own Risk

Earn Rs.20 when you invite a friend using UC Invite Code

  • You can earn 20000 coins which equals Rs.20 when you invite a new user to join UC Browser using your UC Invite Code
  • The coins will be credited to your account after your friends enters the invitation code.
  • Earn extra Rs.1 when your friends invite another friend
  • You can earn 1000 coins which equals Rs.1 when your friends invite another friend to join UC Browser.
  • It’s unlimited, the more you invite, using your UC Invite Code the more you earn.

More Details on UC Browser Paytm Loot 

What are coins?
Coins are virtual currency in UC Browser. There are various ways to get coins that you can find in coins center. And you can exchange coins to real money or other gifts such as data and vouchers.

Why refer friends?
Referring friends is the easiest way to earn coins. You can earn up to 20000 coins for inviteing one friend.

How to invite friends using UC Invite Code?
You can share your unique link and invitation code to your friends by whatsapp or facebook. Then you can earn 20000 coins and your friend can earn bonus up to Rs.100 when they complete the following steps:

Step 1: click your invite link.
Step 2: install the UC Browser.
Step 3: open the UC Browser and enter your invitation code.

Why did I not get 20000 coins?
1. Make sure your friend has installed UC Browser through your unique invitation link.
2. Make sure your friend has entered your unique invitation code.

Why can’t I enter the UC Browser invitation code?
Only if the user was invited and he/she is a new user of UC Browser can enter the invitation code. And each device, each account can be invited only once.
Besides, once we find any device or account has been invited multiple times by illegal way, we have the right to cancel the payment.

How to redeem cash in UC Browser Paytm Loot ?

You can redeem your money in Paytm by following steps:
Step 1: click your coins on the page of “Coins Center”.
Step 2: exchange your UC coins to cash.
Step 3: click the button of “Redeem”.
Step 4: fill and submit your information correctly.
Step 5: you’ll get the money in your bank account within 1-15 days.

Why can’t I uninstall UC Browser during the event?

Your money will be at risk of loss and you have to assume the loss yourself if you uninstalling UC Browser.

If you want to change your phone, you can sign in to move your coins and cash to your account. And then you can use your coins and cash on another phone with the same account on UC Browser.

Unlimited Trick of UC Loot for Redmi Users

Note – Use unlimited Trick of UC Loot at your own risk as your payment may get blocked using this Trick. They have already mentioned that if you use any illegal ways to get points then your payment will be blocked.

Unlimited Trick of UC Loot is working for Redmi Android Mobile Users Only or mobile which support second space in them. so below is unlimited trick of UC Loot.

  • UC Loot working fine in second space of Redmi Users
  • Just create second space from Setting
  • Now open your Browser in second Space and paste your Refer link in Second Space
  • Download and Install it
  • Don’t give any permission in uc browser deny it and press cancel 
  • Now Open UC Browser and Enter your Invite Code
  • You will get points in your main Account.
  • Now After you have received Referral amount in your Main account delete 2nd Space and repeat above steps again for unlimited trick of UC Loot.

Note – Below Offer Is expired Now.


How to avail UC Browser Paytm Loot

  1. Click here to Install UC Browser in Your PC
  2. After Installing UC Browser, You will see Banner Like Below

  1. Click on It and Enter UC Browser Refer Code 269XU  to Get Rs 2500
  2. Now Invite Your Friends and complete your Rs 5000 to earn paytm Cash
  3. You have to invite your friends to get Paytm cash
  4. As soon as you complete Rs 5000 Paytm Quest you can redeem it.

Use Below Quiz Codes to Get More Points

  2. 1653


  • 1. Unlimited Winners Should Be Get Rs 5000 As Reward.
  • 2. One Winner Can Win Only 1 Time.
  • 3. All The Winners Who Reach Rs 5000 Can Withdraw Their Amount As Bank Cash.
  • 4. Uc Hold Right To Change Any T&C Without Any Prior Notice.

Unlimited Trick Added of UC Browser Paytm Loot

In this Trick you need to be PC Expert and Knowledge of Virtual Machine and VMWare. If you know about these things then follow below steps for loot purpose. Be patient still around 68% gifts are left take your time,

  • 1. Patience ( i spent almost 12-13 hours doing)
  • 2.High speed internet +Data – 10GB(may be more preferably WiFi)
  • 3.Download Virtual Box or Vmware, i had one laptop i7 processor and i borrowed one from my friend to do this trick
  • 4.Install Virtual box or Vmware in your pc or laptop
  • 5.Download Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 ISO file
  • 6.Create new virtual machine for Unlimited Trick of UC Browser Paytm Loot
  • 7. in that virtual machine download UC Browser using your Invite code
  • 8. Delete virtual machine and again install new virtual machine and repeat

Proof of UC Browser Paytm Loot


How To Refer Friends:-

  1. Now Share Your Refer Code With Friends.
  2.  Per Refer You Will Get Some Cash & With Every Refer You Will Go Near By Rs 5000
  3. Minimum Payout Is Rs 5000 In Bank Account.
  4. You Can Redeem Your Earnings When You Reach Minimum Rs 5000.

How to Redeem UC Browser Paytm Loot Paytm cash

  1. You have to complete Rs 5000 Points to redeem
  1. After you have Completed Rs 5000 Quest you will get Redeem Option
  2. Click on Redeem and enter Your Paytm Number
  3. You will get your Paytm cash Soon.

So use UC quiz code to get Extra Life. UC Quiz code is needed when you have no life. share your UC Quiz code with your friends to get extra life whenever your friends uses UC Quiz code.

28 thoughts on “[Unlimited Trick Added] UC Browser Loot – Refer and get free Mobiles and MI Band 4”

  1. 335W5…use this has ur help friend code it will give u 2000 hence u will need only 500 more
    try this me n my friends have tried n it gave us 2000 n i dont which user’s it is but its working well

  2. Bypass tricks available
    Download setup file UC browser update
    Transfer copy and past
    I got 5000rs
    Working 100%

  3. Bypass tricks available
    Download setup file UC browser update
    Transfer copy and past
    I got 5000rs
    Working 100%

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