In this Post you will find best ways of How to unblock Paytm Wallet and Steps to Unblock Paytm Wallet. Many a time you may face Paytm Temporarily Blocked for Login issue, so you below steps to resolve Paytm Temporary Blocked for Login issue.

After Demonetization Paytm have Gain Popularity and now almost everyone have paytm App. Due to High Number Of Installs and Increase in Number of users Paytm have Started to block Paytm Account, There may be Several issue for Paytm Temporary Blocked for Login issue, like you are using Multiple Account on Same Device or using it in Parallel Space App or any other Issue.

Paytm Temporary Blocked for Login issue

When you are trying to log in to paytm account, it is saying your account temporarily blocked. Why a paytm account gets blocked and what are the Precautions to protect and How to unblock paytm account discussed in this guide.

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How to Unblock Paytm Account

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Reason why Paytm Account Get Blocked

  • Using Multiple Account in Same Mobile
  • Using Scripts to Login
  • wrong Password Entered Many Times
  • You have Violated Paytm Terms And Condition, So now let’s Proceed how you can Unblock Paytm Account.

Methods to Unblock Paytm Account

If you are undergone things like using scripts to make transaction on rooted devices, continuous invalid login attempts suspicious activity then you may be a victim.

“Your Paytm account is temporary Blocked”. Paytm account blocked is very common for those who do carding or do any misuse. i know if your account blocked then you have tried to searching in google “my paytm account is blocked”. But didn’t got any Thing. Here i am showing you How to Unblock Blocked Paytm Account. Follow below methods to Unblock Paytm Account.

Method 1 to Unblock Paytm Account

1) Call Customer Care (24×7): 9643-979797

2) Choose option 2,5,9(IVR) which leads in requesting a call back by paytm executive.

3) You will surely get a call back but not immediately ( takes some HOURS )

4) Inform the executive about your account details and from when it is blocked.

5) He will finally tell you to mail all the following DOCUMENTS :

  • All the Messages or mails which you received to your registered Mobile number or mail ( take screen shot).
  • Bank transactions (only PAYTM deductions) – take screen shot.
  • Your account details either passbook or net banking profile (screen shot).
  • Aaadhar Card (image).
  • Pan Card(image).
  • Error Message what you get when you try to login ( Your account is temporarily blocked for login) SCREEN SHOT.

Unblock Paytm Account By Sending Mail 

  1. Send /mail all the Documents to
  2. surely you will not get any reply but your query will be started by backend team .
  3. To confirm – Call Customer Care (24×7): 9643-979797 and request a call back again and confirm whether documents are received and what is the status.
  4. EXECUTIVE will tell you that the DOCUMENTS are forwarded to CYBER CRIME for verification , wait for 3 days.
  5. FINALLY, Unblock Paytm Account is successful.

Unblock Paytm Account using Paytm Twitter Menthod

1) Contact Paytm via TWITTER and tell them your account is blocked. Click here For Paytm Twitter Account

2) Send them the screen shot of error message. ( it takes hours to get reply have patience).

3) They will reply you asking for your KYC details (Adhar card and Pan Card) via message for further assistance.

4) Again wait for HOURS to get a reply.

5) Finally your Paytm Account is UNBLOCKED.

Try Below Methods to Unblock Paytm Account

1) Goto gmail and send a mail to paytm customer care on from your registered email-id and Follow below steps according to your issue

2.1 In mail mention your name, registered mobile number and also send your any proof photo (Aadhar card or Voter card or driving Licence etc.) (Your name should be clearly visible on proof photo)

2.2 In mail mention all of your paytm account by register mobile number and ask them you use multiple paytm account because you have one mobile in family and your family members want to use paytm separately.

2.2.1 (Attach proof like aadhar card or voter card of your’s and your family members so they can believe and unblock your paytm account quickly )

2.3 In mail just mention that your paytm password was copied from your computer and Login OTP was taken from you by fraud. Today you try to login and getting error about account blocked.

  1. You will get reply from paytm within 3 days about unblock your paytm account with warning.

  2. Now do not use multiple accounts or do anything wrong otherwise your account will be blocked for lifetime.

  3. if your Paytm account is temporarily blocked from past one month and mailed to there customer care twice but they didn’t unblocked it or reply you, then there is no way to unblock paytm account.

6. Try to Contact Paytm on Social Media to UnBlock Paytm Account. Paytm Care Number : 9643979797. Paytm Facebook PAge : click here for Paytm Facebook Page. Paytm Twitter Account : Click here For Paytm Twitter Account

Some Important Points to Note 

  • Paytm will unblock your account only if its looking like your account is genuine and you are not doing fraud or anything wrong.
  • If you use multiple account then just say multiple account was used by multiple people, not by a single person.
  • If none of method work for you then just make new account

Tips to Avoid Paytm Account Block 

1) Don’t Use Multiple Account on Same Mobile.

2) If you have Multiple Accounts then use Paytm web to Login, Don’t use Multiple Accounts in Paytm App

3) Upgrade paytm wallet as Upgraded Paytm wallet are less likely to be Blocked.

4) Add Aadhar Card to PAytm Account. To Add Just Go to Your Profile and you will see option to upgrade your  Paytm Account. Just Click On Upgrade and Enter your Aadhar Number and Follow other Steps.

5. Add Password to Paytm Wallet. Now you can “use your mobile password or pattern to open Paytm Application” from mobile Make sure that you activated this option before you make transactions.

6) Change PayTM account password frequently(Change password for every Month)

7) Use A trusted antivirus on your android devices & Desktop. Antivirus protects from malware, threats, MITM attacks.

So in This Post i have provided All Details related to Unblock Paytm Account and Tips to avoid Paytm Account Block. Do Share this with your Friends, hope these Tricks may help you to unblock Paytm Account.

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