How To Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

WhatsApp is one of the giant Messaging Platform used by billions of people across the world. It is a known fact that WhatsApp has become quite a popular messaging app within no time because of its user-friendly features like WhatsApp Voice Calling, Unlimited transfer images, video and audio messages.

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There are multiple whatsapp tricks and hacks. But from all them one of the best famous trick that i like most is to use whatsapp account without mobile number. As anyone can easily view whatsapp id if one having number. So if you really suffering from this and want to use whatsapp anonymously. Then you do not worry because in article we are going to explain about how to use whatsapp without mobile number.

How To Use whatsapp Without Mobile Number

Step 1 : If you are already user of this Whatsapp app, Just delete already exist WhatsApp account.(i.e Uninstall old whatsapp account). Don’t worry, trust me. Just follow me to use whatsapp without phone number or SIM card.

Note: Before deleting your whatsapp account, you must save your whatsapp files or photos on to your phone.

Step 2 : Have you deleted your old whatsapp account? OK, now download latest whatsapp messenger from below link and install it without errors.

Download Text+

Step 3. Next step is enter your name and verify your mobile number. But do not enter your mobile number now.
Step 4. Then we have to verify your mobile number with another way. Download Text+ App in your mobile to verify your mobile number.Download Text+

Step 5. After launching text + App you have to open the App and go to settings and select contacts.
Step 6. You will get a number for your personal use in the app. Copy that number or write it .
Step 7. Now open your whatsapp messenger and paste the number that you get from the text + App.

Step 8. Click on continue button now you will get a verification code in Text+ app.

Step 9. Get this code and verify your account. Now your whatsapp account is ready without any number.
add new unknown number to whatsapp without number
Follow above steps and use Whatsapp without Number. if you have any problem regarding any steps just comment and I will surely help you.

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