Is Virat Kohli better than Sachin Tendulkar ?

Is Virat Kohli better than Sachin Tendulkar : To give you a very simple answer,

It is “NO”. Let me elaborate with practical and reasonable comparisons. Most of the people talk/discuss only about records.

Records are just a part of game. They are just numbers. Environment, opportunities, facilitates, food, protective gears, racism, comfort zone and many more aspects should be accounted to have a fair comparison.

Is Virat Kohli better than Sachin Tendulkar

Kohli is a great player, no doubt about it. Infact he is the best in current generation and will remain as the best. But, what Sachin did to Cricket is beyond measurement. Read below to know a pinch of what Sachin did.

PS: Ignore the milestones and records. Virat might reach or even cross Sachin’s record in the future. Even then Sachin will stand tall.

Sachin has played with the worlds best bowling attack in the likes of,

  1. Wasim Akram
  2. Shoiab Akthar
  3. Shane Warne
  4. Waqar Younis
  5. Ambrose
  6. Walsh
  7. Mcgrath
  8. Gilespee
  9. Saqlain Mustaq (Inventor of doosra)

and Many many many many more which cant be listed here..

Sachin played in an era which did not have power plays, it was not batsmen friendly, pitches were not created for batsmen.

Imagine Sachin with the above fielding setup.

Sachin played in an era where exposure to international cricket is very limited. He could not experiment his batting tricks in T20 or IPL where Kohli can do the same.

Imagine Sachin experimenting all his techniques in his early stages of cricket.

Sachin played in an era where no high end technology was available. Imagine the number of wrong decisions by the umpire. He was the first one to got out by third umpire decision.

DRS is just one example of that vast technological improvements over the period of time.

Imagine how many more centuries Sachin would have scored if not for umpires wrong decisions.

Sachin played in a team which has Ganguly, Dravid, Kamble, sehwag and still managed to be the GOD. Kohli does not have many competitors inside the team.

Imagine Kohli’s performance if fab 5 bats for his own team. He wouldn’t have stood out like how he stands out now.

Sachin could not seek advice from anyone about his mistakes or batting technique. He only had Bradman.

Look at the way Sachin helping Yuvi with his technique. Imagine if someone guided Sachin the same way.

Sachin played in an era where travelling was tiresome. Kohli does that with style.

Just google to know how much airways have improved in the past

Sachin played in an era where the opposition team comes only to take Sachin’s wicket.

Sachin played in an era where the protective gears were not really protecting the batsmen.

Take a look at the Helmet. Think about bouncers by Walsh and Ambrose.

Sachin played in an era where Indian food is not available in all parts of world. He has to adjust or he will have limited options of food. Kohli can get whatever kind of food he needs in any part of the world.

Kohli can manage to get this even in Australia or South Africa. Sachin would have had dreams of having this.

Sachin played in an era when cricket was filled with legends.

Shows how good Sachin was when he was in his prime..

Sachin played in an era where he has to rely on a human bowler to practice his batting. No bowling machines to do the job. Kohli has that.

Imagine how many overs a human can bowl. I’m not telling you when Sachin was in prime form. But when is upcoming he just cant ask some one to bowl him 20 overs at a go.

Sachin played in an era where he could not read a bowler’s technique post match by using all the technologies which Virat has. He just has to rely on his own eyes back then.

Kohli can come home after the series with all these animations, take a glass of beer and see the mistakes he did and each and every smallest detail of a bowler. Sachin would have discussed with his brother by having a cup of tea.

Sachin played in an era where medical treatments were not so great. It would’ve taken months for Sachin to get cured. Virat with the latest technologies can even prevent them.

It took close to 6 months for Sachin to recover and when he did he could not even lift his Son’s plastic bat. He came back strongly.

Sachin played in an era where technology was not introduced to cricket bats. He used a simple heavy bat.

Look at the first three bats. This is what he used most of the times. Do you know how many levels of technologies are being used in latest bats. Give the second bat to Kohli and let him face Dale Steyn with no proper helmet, no fielding restrictions in South Africa without having proper food and travelling in a very uncomfortable. Let’s see how much he scores..

Sachin contributed in bowling as well. Sachin can bowl a final over when the opposition team needs 6 runs to win. It was a final and the opposition team is South Africa. 6 runs were required in the final over and all the front line bowlers were reluctant to take the step. Sachin volunteered himself, would you believe that. Here comes the hero who got the ball with confidence and won the match for India with his bowling abilities (Knowledge about the game helped him to achieve this)

Just came across these pics in FB and surprised to see how humble Sachin is. I know being humble does not contribute to this answer. But, I just wanted to share this as it made me smile.

Amitabh Bachan (A great hindi actor and ofcourse a living legend) spotted this pic somewhere and tweeted about it. Left is Latha Mangeshkar and right is Sachin. Middle is AB.

Though AB showed atmost humbleness by tweeting that, Sachin showed a great gesture. This is what Sachin replied. It is not necessary for Virat to be as humble as Sachin, but this humbleness make Indians to go gaga over him.

Virat debuted under MSD – The best and coolest captain of cricketing history. Virat knows he is in safe hands. Very very safe hands. That gives a mental boost. Imagine Sachin Debuting under a cool captain like MSD where he can express himself.

No doubt, Kohli is the greatest batsmen in the current era and there is no doubt about his abilities and i’m just one of his fan(tic). But that does not make him better than Sachin..

No offence to Kohli fans as I’m one of his biggest fan and looking forward to see his batting with much love and enthusiasm.

Sachin cannot be compared with anyone at least for next 100 years. The hero will remain in history for centuries. Hero will remain in the hearts of billions and billions of people. Hero will be missed. This hero whom people will never forget in their life time.

SACHIN…SACHIN..!!!.. SACHIN..SACHIN…!! will not only echo in God’s ears but will reverberate in every Indian’s ear until death. Thank you Sachin for everything.

EDIT:1 – I just don’t understand what people here try to prove in comments section.!!. I have never ever defamed Kohli or never said he is not a great batsmen. He is the best in world right now. No one can deny that fact. But what Sachin gone through is completely different.

Also, Sachin has done everything what Kohli has did. But, I highly doubt if Kohli could do what Sachin has done in the past. Phewww.. Few people just don’t read the post completely and starts commenting is not at all fair.

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