Warning – WhatsApp black dot message Could Crash your Android

WhatsApp black dot message Could Crash your Android – WhatsApp users are receiving a message with a warning that WhatsApp will hang if clicked upon black dot. WhatsApp, for those who do click the black dot (WhatsApp black dot message) hangs for a few seconds, with people unable to close the app, scroll up or down, etc

A black dot message, being circulated via message on WhatsApp groups is causing the app and the user’s smartphones to hang for a few seconds when clicked upon. So if you have received WhatsApp black dot message do read below before opening WhatsApp black dot message.

WhatsApp black dot message Crash Android

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, is a popular haven for spam and malware. Now, there’s a new bug that is being forwarded via WhatsApp messages and can crash not just the app but also your Android phone. It reportedly contains a code which when tapped overloads WhatsApp and even the OS, resulting in a crash. This comes as WhatsApp plans to add new features to the instant messenger, including playing Facebook and Instagram videos in picture-in-picture mode.

“As with any message bomb or whatsapp bomber, it involves sending and receiving a specially crafted message with hidden symbols in between spaces. Tapping on a portion of the text will basically make the app ‘expand’ the hidden symbols, potentially overloading the app and even the OS,” SlashGear reported. Such messages or “message bombs” are not new and not limited to Android. Even iMessage is not immune to bugs that could send the app crashing.

WhatsApp black dot message Could Crash your Android

WhatsApp black dot message seems to be affecting a lot more Android users than those on iOS. It is unclear if iOS users have been affected. Such messages, typically called message bombs contain hidden symbols between spaces that expand upon clicking. The expanded symbols overload the app, causing it to crash.

Users who receive the black dot message are advised to refrain clicking on the black dot. Whether the bug affects devices in some other way as well is not clear at this point.

Another “message bomb” which is causing the messaging platform to crash is more “nefarious, looks too innocent” and does not come with a warning. The message includes special characters that do not display visibly but are used to change text behaviour. A superfluous amount of these invisible symbols causes WhatsApp to freeze.

Now this isn’t fake, there are several users who are reporting of WhatsApp crash when they touch this Black Dot. Well, this isn’t some “Black Magic with Black Dot” kinda thing after all. In fact, that Black Dot isn’t even the reason why your WhatsApp crashes. The main culprit here is the blank space after the Black Dot.

WhatsApp black dot message – Original message

Touching the Black Dot may not freeze your WhatsApp, but touching the blank space after it could.

Well, when you convert this message into HTML (or Unicode), you will find RLM (right-to-left mark). This is an invisible directional formatting character that (along with LRM) is used to distinguish between left-to-right text (like English and Hindi) and right-to-left text (like Arabic and Hebrew).

This is not the first time a bug is being circulated on the messaging app, which has over 1.2 billion monthly active users. This also makes the messaging service one of the easiest platforms to target devices with malware. Last year, a link telling users that their ‘subscription has expired’ was being circulated on WhatsApp.

It asked users to verify their account and purchase a lifetime subscription for 0.99 British pound. A scam/spam message inviting users to a WhatsApp Gold version, an invite-only club with special features also went viral on the platform.

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