In this post we will provide all details on “Send Free Sms Without Showing Number. You can send free sms online without mobile number or send free sms without registration to mobile from internet. We have made this for you so that you can send free sms without identity.

You can use these Free Calling Apps for android without Internet to call anyone and if you want to send free sms without showing your number then follow below methods.

Ways To Send Free Sms Without Showing Number

In these posts I will tell you about those websites who allowed you to send free sms  to any mobile number in India without registration. You do not have to provide your mobile number, this service is anonymous. You can use these websites to play a prank with your friends. You can make them fool with these sites.

These site allows you to send international messages for free cost at any time. we can send any type images also. Moreover we may send almost 200 international countries any time. You can able to use any language in the world. There is no need of registration.

Sites to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number

Below we have Listed Website Who Allowed You To Send Free Sms Without Showing Number. Just write your message and send unlimited sms to any country you like for FREE! No matter where you are, you will always enjoy our FREE SMS text message Service.

1. TxtEmNow

 TxtEmNow is the one of the best site and which is completely free method or way site to send free sms without any registration

Stop spending and start texting for free! Simply fill out the form below to send your free SMS messages to your friends. Which is also supported an International number.

 2. AfreeSMS

Afreesms is also awesome, Text Message anyone worldwide FREE with International SMS Messaging from This one is good website to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number.

It also doesn’t require registration or login Send FREE SMS text message instantly with our incredibly fast SMS Service, but maximum 160 characters allowed in one SMS at a time.

3. Textem

Textem Textem is one of the largest things is provided. With the help of this you can also send and Receive picture messages for free. This one is good website to send free fake sms without showing number.

It is also one of the awesome and perfect free SMS Site for you. So friend’s you can simply use Textem and “send free text messages to any mobile number” It can provided by major cellular services of United States of America.

4.  Solinked

Solinked websites allow you to send free messages internationally . Through these website you can also send sms , multi and scheduled sms . This one is good website to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number.

These website give you the feature to create your phone book and instantly share your pics and text with the world . These are allows you to send up to 300 characters long and when the receiver receives message then it shows the no. Of United States . These websites delivered the messages in real time .

5. TxtDrop

TextDrop is also best Fully “Working free text messaging services provide” which is given you a option to Send free spoof SMS to Anyone without Registration and do not facing any problem.

TxtDrop enables users in the United States and Canada to send text messages with instant delivery. No more need to pay your cellular provider up to 25 cents for sending your friend a text. Just enter your email (for replies), your friends mobile number and your message and They’ll send your text instantly. Completely free of charge. This one is good website to send free fake sms without showing number.

6. E-FreeSMS: – Send Free Sms Without Showing Number

E-FreeSMS is also a good option for those who like to send SMS worldwide to their loved ones living anywhere in the world also without registration.

They have two servers in which you can select at the time of sending, Gateway 1 or Gateway 2, it means if one server is down you can use another for the same, one thing which we didn’t like about it its characters limit which is only 120 characters. This one is good website to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number.

7. Dailysms: –  Send Free Sms Without Showing Number

Dialysms sending sms with the 99% delivery rate worldwide . For sending sms you just simply select a country and enter the mobile number and just click the sending button .

They also give some more features like you can watch hundred of channels around the world totally free and you can make free calls to any mobile or landline from your PC. This one is good website to send free fake sms without showing number.

8. SendAnonymousSMS:

Send Anonymous SMS does exactly that: Sends Free Anonymous SMS Messages. You can spoof the senders number. This SMS service is perfect to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number.

This is also very trusted safe and international world largest send unlimited free SMS Without registration service provider to send free text messages online there no any registration. Interesting thing is that this site will be fully web based application using send fake text messages via the web.

  • telling someone you love them via the phone
  • trick your friends with spoof SMS messages
  • give SMS warnings to friends
  • inform the authorities about illegal activities
  • inform the tax office about tax cheaters
  • when your own SMS service is low on credit
  • if your private SMS is block by the receiver
  • report fraud to management
  • and many more reasons…


Sea SMS is last but not least, it has 3 unique features which none of them has, first is worldwide MMS support option. It sends SMS & MMS worldwide for free.
It also doesn’t ask you for registration, second, you can send flash SMS also which only flashes on the screen of the recipient and doesn’t save on their inbox, third, it has almost all major Indian languages support option which is good for non English readers. This one is good website to send free fake sms without showing number.

10. Text Me! 

Text Me is a free texting and calling app for Android. It allows to send free SMS to any number in India, US, Canada and 100 other countries. If your friends install this app, you will be able to do free calls including video calling. Another great feature of text me is that, you can use this app to call friends on Android and other platforms also. This one is good website to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number.

11. YouMint 

You Mint Android app is an awesome and handy app to send free SMS. You need to register your username to use this app. Either you can fill up the sign up form, or use Facebook or Google account to login. Once registered, it’s done. This one is good website to send free fake sms without showing number.

12. Pinger 

Pinger is another free texting app for Android that allows to send free SMS. The unlimited SMS sending is supported for 35 countries including Canada, Mexico and The United states. In the US and Canada, you can call and SMS any number, including landline or non smart phone for free. This one is good website to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number.

13. JaxtrSMS

JaxtrSMS lets you send FREE SMS and txt messages to any mobile phone in the world. The SMS recipients are not required to install the app before using it. This makes it the world’s first mobile based SMS app which is completely open. Amongst a host of free SMS services, this ‘open’ feature of JaxtrSMS gives it an edge over other SMS apps.


So these are some sites to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number. If you know any other site to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number comment below and we will add to this list of how to Send Free Sms Without Showing Number.

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