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What is Facebook Watch – Facebook has for years trying to take on its arch rival Google’s video platform YouTube. The social media giant has pushed its live videos to more users in the past few months, in addition to introducing more video editing tools. Also, the company has been rumoured to launch TV-like shows for past many months. Here’s How to Use Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Finally, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have announced a new tab inside the main Facebook app, marking the company’s full-fledged entry into video space. The new tab called ‘Watch’, as Facebook says, brings original video content onto the social media platform, which also makes it stand tall against the likes of YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix. so below are some details of What is Facebook Watch.

What is Facebook Watch

1. Select Facebook users will soon see a new “Watch” tab on their feeds, which will take them to a section where they can watch a range of video content and shows.

2. This will give them an easy way to follow content created by artists, brands, sports stars and publishers.

3. The network said that some of the content would be from “professional creators”, meanwhile others created by “regular people in our community”.

4. Facebook is paying for some shows, including an original series by TV host Mike Rowe called Returning the Favor, where he will reward people for their efforts in the community.

5. Partners who produce original content for Facebook will take home 55 per cent of ad revenue.

Facebook’s Director of product Daniel Danker said: “Watch is a platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work.”

What features will Facebook Watch have?

Instead of just providing streams of video content, like the Videos tab does, it will also allow videos to be curated into sections.

These will include “most talked about” or “what’s making people laugh”, judging on how many people have used the laughing emoji as a reaction.

Viewers will also be able to create “watchlists”, will be able to view what their friends are seeing and interact with other people watching the same content.

Is Facebook Watch available in the India or UK?

Initially the feature will only be available to a limited number of people in the US, via mobile, desktop and TV apps.

This will then expand to further people in the US over the coming weeks.

Facebook has said it will launch the service by “testing with a limited group of publishers and creators who are making shows”.

The new ‘Watch’ tab for now is limited in the US region on mobile, desktop and Facebook TV apps. “Shows are made up of episodes — live or recorded — and follow a theme or storyline. To help you keep up with the shows you follow, Watch has a Watchlist so you never miss out on the latest episodes,” said Daniel Danker, director of product, Facebook in an official blog post. The tab will also tell users what their friends on Facebook are watching.

The tab will have section such as Most Talked About, What’s Making People Laugh and What Friends Are Watching. Each video will also show user comments. To help users know more about the show before watching it, the social media giant has also introduced Show Pages. The Show Pages give more background information about the show, lets users watch the episodes and related videos.

After introducing a “Video” tab last year, Facebook said Watch will “make it even easier to catch up” with favorite videos from outside users’ News Feeds.

“Watch is personalized to help you discover new shows, organized around what your friends and communities are watching,” Daniel Danker, Facebook’s director of product, said in a statement Wednesday.

“Watch is a platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work,” Danker said. Shows will be organized into sections such as “Most Talked About,” “What’s Making People Laugh” and What Friends Are Watching.” So now you know What is Facebook Watch, hope it will be available to all soon.

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