What is Jallikattu – Why Tamilians Supporting Jallikattu ?

Why Tamilians Supporting Jallikattu : Tamilians Supporting Jallikattu : What is Jallikattu – Why Tamilians Supporting Jallikattu ? Jallikattu is a bull taming event typically practiced in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations on Maatu Pongal day.

During Jallikattu, a running bull is released into a crowd of people. Participants attempt to grab the bull’s hump and ride it for as long as possible, attempting to bring the bull to a stop.In some cases, participants must ride long enough to remove flags affixed to the bull’s horns. As it is Banned so Why Tamilians Supporting Jallikattu, we will discuss in this post.

Benefits of Jallikattu
Bulls that are able to participate successfully in the Jallikattu event are used as studs for breeding. This practice ensures that only the strongest and most virile bulls are used for breeding, thus effectively making the offspring of such bulls stronger, less susceptible to diseases and able to produce higher quality milk.
Jallikattu is the traditional and only practical way by which farmers in Tamil Nadu are able to preserve the genetic strength and traits of the indigenous cattle breeds.
Jallikattu also serves a secondary purpose of providing farmers to hold onto their bulls. The bulls which are able to perform well in Jallikattu fetch higher prices in the markets, making the engagement of bulls in Jallikattu a valuable activity to farmers. Thereby the population of bulls, which apart from being used as studs and in events such as Jallikattu serve no real purpose, are preserved, so that’s Why Tamilians Supporting Jallikattu.

When is Jallikattu held?

Usually Jallikattu will be Conducted during the harvest season of Pongal,since  the sport was banned by the central government in 2014 and hasn’t been held since the last two years.

Why was Jallikattu banned in India?

Supreme Court in its 2014 judgment noted that bulls could not be used as performing animals, either for Jallikattu events or bullock-cart races in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra or elsewhere in the country.Reports of cruelty to the animals emerged and several investigations found that the animals were subjected to torture before the event.
Who is PETA?

They Call themselves as People for ethical treatment of Animals (PETA).It was been Started in USA in the year 1980.It had been initially  registered itself as an Animal welfare NGO for taking care of stray dogs,cats etc.,Days Passed a huge number of phone call came to PETA regarding the disturbances faced by the people of US by the Stray dogs,So lakhs of strays dogs been caught and kept in their custody & they demanded American government to frame a law regarding this issue.

As per the law, PETA can taken Care of a Stray dog for 15 days, if none of the people turn up to collect their dog ,cat or any other animal they have the right to execute it. Imagine how cruel the PETA’s  law is!!Dont be Shocked the Kill count of these Stray Animals touched 35,000 in the year 2015

Reason to Ban Jallikattu by PETA 

“In USA there is huge demand of PET’s so the business tycoons got PETA in their hands to do their job to develope their business market across the globe. So it has  Spying on every other Animal Welfare board”.
In Order to increase thier business market in India those business people Asked PETA to Appeal Against Jallikattu in Tamilnadu.
So that Country Bulls which doesn’t need a greater maintainance Cost  In Tamilnadu which is especially used for Jallikattu & mating will be no longer be used, So it will be Sent to Slaughter house. That they can import their Hybrid Bulls which need lot of drug & imported food, will be having a higher maintainance for the sake developing their business in India.So its a Simple reason for PETA to blame Jallikattu as “Animal Disturbance” so to ban it.

Why Tamilians supporting Jallikattu ? 

Now all people of Tamilnadu stood and fight for their rights over JAllikattu. Till 6 p.m none of the Governments ( State and Central ) reacted to our Protest. Hence the Students of  Tamilnadu jumped into the protest and its going on smoothly in all over Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu Government Police killed a Student in Tamilnadu regarding this issue. No media is there to support us except News 7.
Still now they are covering live coverage https://www.facebook.com/news7tamil/ . We need more support from other states also. You may think this is the problem between tamilnadu people and govt. but the truth is not that.
we are protesting to save our traditional culture of tamilnadu. If our culture is banned we are sure that other states culture will soon be the same.Also all our Tamil students are going to celebrate this Republic day as Black day and our National Flag wont be rise in our State untill this issue is solved.. We are begging to protect our traditional culture.
For more Info Regarding this issue 
In twitter you can see our full support. For every second there will be a update regarding this tagline

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