Xiaomi Mi Flash Sale – Redmi 4A,Redmi 4 & More at Re 1 Flash Sale

Xiaomi Mi Flash Sale – Shop online at Xiaomi Mi India official store for Mi Mobiles and accessories including Mi 5, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Redmi Note 3, and Mi Power Bank. Xiaomi is back with Rs 1 Flash Sale on the occasion of Mi 3rd Anniversary. Yes, Xiaomi turns 3 and on this Special Occasion, for 2 days, they are going to have lots of events whose in-depth details you can get it here.

Xiaomi Mi Flash Sale Details

You can grab Mi Rs 1 Flash Sale tricks and scripts here. On 20th & 21st July, you can grab Redmi 4ARedmi 4 and other accessories at Re 1 only through Rs 1 Flash Sale event. Mi 3rd Anniversary Event Time Period: 20th & 21st July 2017, so below are details on Xiaomi Mi Flash Sale

HOW TO REGISTER FOR Xiaomi Mi Flash Sale:

1. First of all, Visit Mi Rs 1 Flash Sale PageClick Here

2. Now click on Share to register button to Register for Mi Rs 1 Flash sale.

3. Be Present Sharp at 11 AM & 1 PM on both the Event Days to Successfully Grab Mi Rs 1 Flash Sale.

4. At 11 AM & 1 PM, you will be able to see Grab or Buy Now Button on Things available. Click on it ASAP and it will be added to cart.

5. Then check out and pay Re 1 Amount through Credit/Debit Card or other payment methods.

6. That’s it. This way you can grab or Buy Redmi 4A or Redmi 4 at just Re 1 through Mi Rs 1 Flash Sale.

Grab Discount Coupons

Time: At 10 AM every day from 18th to 21st July.

Coupons to Grab:

  • Rs 50 Accessories Coupons
  • Rs 100 Accessories Coupons
  • Rs 200 Accessories Coupons
  • Rs 500 Accessories Coupons

How to Grab Discount Coupons?

  1. Visit the Mi Event Page: Click Here
  2. Make sure you log in to Mi Account.
  3. Scroll Down to Grab Coupons section.
  4. Now exact at 10 AM Daily in Event Days, you will see Grab Button over available Coupons, just click on it.
  5. That’s it. Instantly your Grabbed Coupons will be Added to your Mi Account. You can use it to buy any Accessories from Mi India Website.

#3. Bid to Win

Time: At 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM on 20th & 21st July.

Basically, in Bid to Win event, you have to Bid any Number for any given Prizes. If your Number gets out to be Lowest Unique Number then you get that Prize at your Bid Number.

For Example: For a Given Prize, People bids as follows:

  • Person A: Bids 2.67
  • Person B: Bids 1.09
  • Person C: Bids 2.05
  • Person D: Bids 1.09

In this Case, the Winner is Person C and will take away the Prize by just paying Rs 2.05 i.e., Bid number of Person C.

Why Person C wins because though Person B or D bid Lowest Number but their number is not unique means other person Bids it too. Now the next lowest number comes is 2.05 bided by Person C and there is none other who bids the same number. Hence Person C wins. Also, check that, Person A bidding 2.67 which is unique bid but it’s not lowest hence Person A didn’t win.

Mi Bid to Win – 2 PM

  • Redmi 4A (2 GB + 16 GB Variant)
  • VR Play
  • 10000 mAh MiPowerbank 2

Mi Bid to Win – 4 PM

  • Redmi 4 (2 GB + 16 GB Variant)
  • Wi-Fi Repeater 2
  • Mi Headphones Comfort

Mi Bid to Win – 6 PM

  • Redmi Note 4 (2 GB + 32 GB Variant)
  • Air Purifier
  • Selfie Stick-Grey

Mi Bid to Win – 8 PM

  • Redmi 4 (2 GB + 16 GB Variant)
  • VR Play
  • Mi Router 3C

How to Participate in Bid to Win Event?

  1. Visit Mi Bid to Win Page: Click Here
  2. Select the Time Period that you are going to Participate and be ready on the page on the time. (2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM)
  3. Now when the time hits, the event will start and you have to submit your Bid in the form of a number.
  4. At Each Event Time in Bid to Win, total three prizes will be available. So you can participate in all the three and increase your winning chances.

The Big Chase Game

Time: 12th July to 21st July (Live Now)

This is a very interesting online game which can be played in your Smartphone or Computer, Laptop. It’s easy and interesting game which can also win you a brand new Mi Max 2, F-Codes and Mi Discount Coupons.

Once you play this game, you will understand how it works and you will really enjoy! Follow the easy steps given here. Here’s how to Play MI The Big Chase Game


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