13 Indians Who Should’ve Never Been Allowed On Facebook

There used to be a term for these guys back when I was growing up in Bangalore – for men and women, alike – it was called ‘stud macha‘. That roughly translates to: “Dude, you’re a douchebag. But, you’re so hilarious I’ll let it fly.” Somehow, a horde of stud machas made it to Facebook and their profiles are what keeps us alive.

Here are 14 desi Facebook users that really should’ve been banned off of it.

1. Of course, it’s terrific.

2. Shakespeare rolls over in his grave.

3. Wait. What? Let me read that again. What?

4. Damn! 4 guys? Respect.

5. Woah! First night fists? Really?

6. What can I say? It made me wisher.

7. Before Vagabomb found out about guys like this.

8. Please let us know more of your “trevels”.

9. Since Modi has solved every other problem we’ve had. Why not?

10. Stud macha level = Inexplicable.

11. When a supreme court judge dropped the mic.

12. Somehow, this reminds me of wingdings.

13. Yes, that is a very “cool pic” my friend.



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