5 Benefits of Electronic Signature Solution for Small Business

In the present age, when new technologies are penetrating in every business sector, you can only succeed if you follow the latest trends. These new technologies have made various processes easier, time-saving, and efficient. They help to achieve business goals and organize multiple tasks effortlessly.

So why to wait instead of reaping the benefits of digital transformation right now and maximize success. Just imagine you have a contract which needs to be signed immediately, but the other party is not available at the moment. Moreover, the third party you are working with is asking you to send the document as soon as possible. What are you supposed to do? Wait for the other person to arrive unknowingly when he will be here?

How about inviting your partner to sign the document electronically? Doesn’t it sound amazing? This will not only save you time that you are likely to waste by forwarding the documents by hand but also affect your business positively.

Now here arises the question, What is esign and how can you invite someone to sign the documents electronically? The answer to both of these questions is very simple. For signing any document online, you need to take assistance from an online e-signature service provider. 

There are many service providers available on the internet. All of these offer different benefits to the user, but most important of all are cost-effectiveness and a fast and secure environment.  CocoSign is an online e-signature services provider. 

CocoSign brings you the most efficient, reliable, secure, fast, and advanced encryption. CocoSign e-signature features are admired by many big outlets such as  TechAdvisors, New York Times, and New York magazine. In short, it is a top-rated brand in the world of digital signatures. It offers on-in-all solutions for businesses, legal processes, & daily use. 

To put it simply, you can sign any document online using CocoSign. Now, what is e-sign and its benefits to businesses and organizations?

What is an electronic signature (e-sign)?

An electronic signature or e signature is a legal way to sign the documents electrically. It is a digital form of a traditional or manual signature. E signature allows the user to sign the documents in a secure environment providing better user authentication. 

In 2000, the US passed an act for e-signatures named as e-sign act, which according to these e-signatures was legal for virtually any use. A very similar act was also passed in Europe and other parts of the world, making the e-signatures a legitimate and reliable way to sign your relevant documents.

The documents electronically signed are tamper-proof and secure. Now when we’re talking about the e-signatures, keep in mind that they are entirely different from digital signatures which are cryptographic mechanisms of signing documents. 

What are e-signature solutions used for?

They are mainly used for three purposes.  

  • Sales and marketing: the help you to close the deals & all the documents required for money transactions. This saves you from many time-consuming admin tasks.
  • Hiring: an employer can hire the employees by electronically filling and signing the offer letters. One can also sign onboarding forms quickly and securely using e-signatures.
  • Legal documentation: is signatures are valid for legal documents such as NDAs and liability forms as well. These can be signed electronically to help keep the legal process moving and save a lot of time to the person.

Five benefits of e signature solutions for businesses and organizations

Below are given five notable benefits of using e signatures for small businesses and organizations.

1) The maximum level of security

Electronic signatures are entirely secure and safer than paper documents. Whenever a person signs a document electronically, information like when and who signed the document? Which device was used for signing? And from which place signatures are done? This helps to track the process and increases security.

2) Convenient

you can share the documents anywhere in the world to get them signed electronically. This is the primary benefit of e signature in this geographical extended business world. Because if you manually go to every place to get the signatures, it will waste a lot of your time and energy.

3) Cost-effective

Being a small business owner, you do not have enough budget to spend on various things. One such thing is stationary; it takes some quite a handsome amount of money as well. So doing all the documentation online and getting them signed electrically will save you the cost of a pen and paper signing methods.

4) Increase productivity

By using electronic signature technology, you can boost up your productivity by closing all the deals in time and focus on essential tasks. E-sign solution providers such as CocoSign allow you to organize your documents and save them in the dashboard to help automate your document flow to minimize the repetitive tasks.

5) Improve customer experience

Customer satisfaction is the major contributor to the success of your business. Signatures save the precious time of your customers and make the purchasing process more convenient. This obviously improves your client and customer interaction and boost up your sales

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