Having Problems with Facebook Verification? Follow These Steps to Solve Them

Have you ever wondered how people get those pretty little blue ticks next to their Facebook profiles? If so, you are at the right place.

Both established as well as emerging businesses are always looking to get verified on Facebook. It adds authenticity to your dealings on Facebook and people are more likely to engage with you if your page is verified. Facebook has made the verification process easy and simple but unfortunately it is not that easy for everyone. There are different routes for getting your business or personal account verified.

In this guide, we will cover an easy six-step process to complete Facebook verification. Following these steps will help you get your Facebook profile verified without running into any complications. So without any further delay, let’s get started:

1. Step 1: Go to Verification Request Page

You need to visit the Facebook verification request page in order to start your verification process. If you are getting a business account verified, you should select “Page” under verification type. Please note that you need to log in as the admin of the business page in order to submit your verification request.

2. Step 2: Select the Right Category for your Account

You need to categorize your account correctly because it is very helpful for Facebook to establish relevance and inspect your page’s influence in your specified category. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the right category and this is the step where many verifications fail.

3. Step 3: Provide Identification

Facebook is very serious when it comes to providing proof that you are the authentic person/business and to make your case, you need to provide exclusive proof that no one else can provide. You need to upload photos of identification documents. If you are looking to get a business verified, you should attach documents like certificate of formation, tax exemption documents, utility bill or articles of incorporation.

4. Step 4: Explain Why You Need Verification

This is a very important step in making sure that your facebook page gets verified. You need to provide Facebook with a comprehensive answer to why they should verify your account. Facebook doesn’t just hand out blue ticks to everyone and there needs to be sufficient reasons for Facebook to consider your account for verification.

Here are some sample reasons for why Facebook should consider verifying your account:

  • You have a large audience on multiple platforms and there are a lot of Fan pages. We need our audience to know instantly when they are dealing directly with us and for this reason we need our account verified
  • Being an expert in our specific niche, we have been part of several publications and media coverage and we need Facebook verification to maintain that credibility. Getting verified by Facebook will help us a lot in this matter.
  • We are a large corporation with many franchises and we want our core brand message to come from a verified source and for this reason we are considering getting verified on Facebook.

To increase your chances of getting verified, explain to Facebook why getting your account verified can be both beneficial for your business and the audience on Facebook.

Step 5: List All Your Other Social Media Accounts

If your business is verified on any other social media platform such as Twitter, you can leverage that into getting Facebook verification as well. If you have any verified accounts on any other social media platform, you should absolutely showcase them to Facebook to increase your chances of getting verified.

Step 6: Send the Request and Wait Patiently

Now that you have taken care of everything, all you have to do is to click “Submit” and wait for Facebook’s response. Facebook’s usual response is “Once we review your request, you’ll receive a notification letting you know if your account has been verified or not. If your request is denied, you can submit a new request after 30 days.” There is no hard and fast rule for when you will hear back from Facebook but you can get a response as quickly as 48 hours or you might have to wait 45 days or longer. Large corporations and multinational businesses might require extra time to get verified as the Facebook team might have to dig a little deeper to authenticate everything.

Additional Tips

Apart from the main steps mentioned above, here are a few additional tips that will help you make your case

  • Keep your Facebook profile neat and tidy. You should have your profile complete and should look pleasing at first. Facebook covers play an important role and you should consider using free facebook cover templates to ensure you have a delightful cover.
  • If your application gets rejected, make sure to investigate the reason and apply again while amending the objections raised by Facebook.

Don’t lie to Facebook during the authentication process as it can lead to getting your Facebook profile banned permanently

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