5 Best Online Part-Time Work from Home Ideas to Make Money

The Internet is rife with part online, part-time work from home ideas to make money.
While some are genuine, others are outright scams. And even among the genuine ones,
some ideas won’t really help you make much money. I mean, you’ll eventually earn
something but not really enough to grow your bank balance.

Instead, look for excellent online and part-time work from home ideas where you can
earn a decent amount. Now, this is possible provided you have some basic skills.

Basic Skills for Online Part-Time Work

What are these skills? Obviously, they’ll depend upon the nature of online part-time
work you wish to do. Basic skills include:
• Adequate knowledge about Internet use.
• Good computer typing skills.
• Fair command over English and in some cases, Hindi or a regional language.
• Flair for detecting minute details.
• Ability to meet tight deadlines.

Should you have these skills, then consider these five best online, part-time work from
home ideas to earn money online. With extra efforts, you can actually get rich using these Work from Home Ideas

Best Online Part-Time Work from Home Ideas

These five best online part-time work from home ideas will definitely need some special
skills or passion. But that’s nothing to worry about: majority of us possess these skills or

1. Mystery Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping? I doubt there’s anyone that doesn’t like shopping. Only, we
don’t have an endless cash supply to indulge in shopping sprees. Now consider a
scenario where someone actually pays you for shopping. If this sounds interesting,
register online as a mystery shopper with any good market research company that
operates in India.

Here’s what mystery shoppers do: the market research company will assign you to visit
a store in your area or city. They’ll provide details about what to look for at the store such as display of goods, staff morale, and attitude, overall ambiance, ease of shopping
and check-out and other details.

You walk into the store like any ordinary shopper and go about buying stuff. At the same
time, you’ll keep your eyes and ears open to find details your employer wants. Upon
buying the stuff, you return home. Your task is to write a review online about the
experience as a shopper. Usually, the market research company will provide questions
that you need to answer on uber. Or, you may have to write a detailed review.

Mystery shoppers in India earn about Rs.500 per assignment or more. Sometimes, you
might get to keep the stuff you buy, but that depends upon the employer. Why market
research companies hire you a mystery shopper? Due to stiff competition nowadays,
every store or mall wants to continually upgrade their services. Hence, they need
honest reviews from ordinary people. Hence, the hire market research firms, where you
register as a mystery shopper.

2. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to give wings to your passion through writing.
Understandably, you’ll need superb writing skills and in-depth knowledge about a
subject before you begin blogging.

It’s very easy to launch own blog nowadays. You can opt for a free blog available from
websites such as Blogger.com and Wix.com. Or buy a great sounding domain name,
website hosting and other essentials to launch a very professional one. Start by reading
an excellent guide about how to become a blogger that’s available online. It will help
you kick-start your career as a part-time blogger.

The easiest make money by blogging, you’ll need to subscribe for Google AdSense.
Here lies the tricky part. Your blog needs to meet certain criteria set by Google before
you can get Google AdSense subscription. Once you get approval, you can show
Google ads on your website. Whenever anyone clicks on these ads, you get money-
from five US Cents to US$10 or higher depending on the advertiser.

The other way to make money by blogging is by affiliate marketing. Join an excellent
affiliate marketing program like Amazon Associates for free. Once your membership is
approved, you can create links to various products sold on Amazon and post on your
blog. You get commission ranging between two percent and 18 percent depending upon
the product.

Companies also look at sponsoring content that goes into blogs to promote their
products and services. Hence, blogging is one more avenue to make money online part-
time from home.

3. Data Entry

This is the simplest and easiest way to make online part-time anywhere in the world.
There are plenty of such jobs available. Simply search any good recruitments portal and you’ll come across numerous jobs that offer home-based online, part-time data entry

Data entry means your employer will provide raw information. You have to take relevant
data and enter it on the online template given by the employer. Data entry can be done
on an hourly pay basis or full-time too.

However, there are several scammers who will ask you to pay registration fees or buy
software to provide online data entry jobs. These fraudsters can misuse your personal
information such as identity and bank details, government-issued ID card numbers and
other data. Therefore, work only for reputed data entry companies.

4. Sell Stock Photos & Graphics

Surely you would have a smartphone with a camera. Take pictures of nature and
natural phenomenon, monuments, celebrities, events, and other interesting subjects.
You can sell them online for a good price on any of the best stock photo websites.

Advertising companies, websites, bloggers, collectors, news media and almost every
organization needs excellent pictures for various purposes. And if your pictures are
amazing, they’ll buy them from the stock photo platform.

There are two ways to make online and part-time money from home with stock photos.

You can sell copyrights to your pictures to the buyer or provide rights for limited use
only. Either way, you earn good money. And if your pictures are really excellent, you’ll
find loyal customers.

Graphic designers can also sell their creations on these stock photo websites. Create
graphic design during your spare time and upload them on a stock photo website for

5. Vlogging

Vlogging is similar to blogging. However, instead of writing articles, you’ll be making
videos and uploading them on YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms. You can open a
free channel on YouTube and upload videos. Give your channel an excellent and easy
to remember name. Popularize your YouTube or Vimeo channel.

Monetizing YouTube and Vimeo is also through Google AdSense. However, your
YouTube and Vimeo channels need to comply with certain conditions set by Google to
subscribe to Google AdSense. Once your channel gets approval, Google will display
ads on your YouTube or Vimeo channels. You get money for every ad that a viewer

There are several excellent ideas to make YouTube videos. With over 1.9 billion
subscribers, YouTube offers a superb way to make money. Select an amazing idea for
YouTube videos from any reliable website.

In Conclusion

Thanks to the Internet, it’s now possible for anyone to make money online as part-time
work. There are instances where bloggers and vloggers have left full-time jobs because
they are earning very high income by simply following their hobby.

Qualified persons are taking part-time jobs like mystery shopping for the thrill while those with few academic qualifications are earning more money as data entry operators. There’s no limit to how much money you can earn: it depends on how much efforts you are willing to exert to Work from Home Ideas.

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