5 Best Ways to Hack Facebook Messenger You Can’t Miss

Most of the people use Facebook on their phones and to send chats and messages they install a separate app called Facebook messenger. These messages are not shared on timeline or with any other friend.

If you want to hack the Facebook messenger to read those messages and you don’t have any technical skills this is the right place for you. You don’t have to write complex codes to break the messenger. You can use online hacking apps which do all the work for you. 

They will never find out that someone is reading their messages or has access to the personal information on Facebook. In this article we will tell you about the legal apps you can use which will not cause any problem.

Minspy is The Best App to Hack Facebook Messenger

Minspy is the trustworthy option if you are looking for Facebook  Messenger hacking options. Minspy is not like other apps which boasts about hacking the Facebook messenger and does nothing. Minspy gives you a clear idea as to how it will hack the messenger.

 It requires knowledge of complex programming language and technical skills to hack the Facebook messenger alone. You can hack the phone easily and after hacking the phone you can spy on the Facebook messenger without any suspicion. 

Minspy is easy to use, you don’t have to install any app. It can operate from any web browser you use. You can use any device with internet connection to spy on the Facebook messenger of the target device.

Minspy for hacking android and iPhone devices:

If the device is android you have to install the app on it. It will take a few seconds and is designed in such a way that it will take only 2M space without sending any notification or heating up the device. The app will be hidden and works in complete stealth mode. You can uninstall the app remotely. You can have further information about Minspy from the official site of Minspy.    

In case of iPhone you must have an idea that all the information of iPhone is stored in iCloud server. You can synchronize the device with the Minspy account by using the iCloud credentials of the device. No rooting or jailbreaking is required so Minspy takes care of your personal information. There is no risk of exposing the target device to many malfunctions if that belongs to your loved one.

Features offered by Minspy:

Minspy can tell you the password of a device and that of Facebook by its keylogger feature. You can read all the messages and chats including the deleted ones. With its geofence feature you can mark certain geographical areas. You will be notified of the presence of devices in those areas. 

You definitely cannot miss its sim tracking location with just a phone number. You can get information about the most frequent callers, all the incoming and outgoing calls along with the duration and timing of these calls. It works in hidden mode so there is no way you will get suspicious because you can spy on anyone from any device with internet connection be it your phone, laptop or computer.

How to hack Facebook messenger with Minspy?

You have to follow the given guidelines to start spying on anyone.

Step 1:

Go to the official web site of Minspy and sign up for the plan suitable for you. If you want to hack a single device you can use the premium version but for hacking multiple devices with Facebook messenger family version is suitable for you.

Step 2:

Next mention the device you want to hack. If the target device is an iPhone you must enter its ICloud credentials. Wait for a few minutes and the device will get synchronized with the Minspy.

In case of an android device you have to install the app in the device and you can hide it after that. There will be no search history so there is no evidence of hacking present on the target phone.


Last option is to click on the start button once you are done with the sign up process. 

Step 4:

After clicking on the start button a dashboard will appear. On the left side is the selection panel. Here you can select the social media apps and then click on Facebook. All the messages will be available for you there.

You can open this dashboard from any platform you are using. There is no need to install an app in your device for continuous hacking.


Spyier is similar to Minspy in many ways. It can hack the Facebook messenger from a distance. With its keylogger feature you will be able to know the text messages typed on the target device and the password of your Facebook account. You can uninstall it whenever you want without touching the device so there is no way anyone will ever find out about you.


With spyine you can read the messages from both private conversation and group chats. It will provide for you the deleted messages and the videos shared on the timeline. You can mark the no go zones on the Google map and with GPS tracking you will know about the location of the device.


Spyic is another good reputed legal spying app. You can use it without worrying about legal problems. It works in complete stealth mode. There is no need to root or jailbreak the device so it works without exposing the device to multiple viruses. Spyic will never put your personal information at risk and you can spy on the Facebook messenger safely.


Cocospy is the second best option in spying apps. If you want to spy on your child’s Facebook messenger because your child is using Facebook more than normal. There are many obnoxious people out there and in this digital society it is sometimes very difficult to safeguard your child’s innocence. Cyber bullying is very prevalent so it is necessary for you to keep an eye on the Facebook messenger and other social media accounts of your child.


Now you have many options you can use to spy on your child’s Facebook messenger. You can use any of the above mentioned apps and can spy on the Facebook messenger without disclosing your identity. That person will never know about this hacking because Minspy ensures multi layered security for you and works in complete hidden mode.

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