5 Best Websites to Send Fax From Computer

Far gone are the times when Fax was known to be the easiest and quickest way to practically transfer documents worldwide. Sending faxes has been redundant with the rise of email and IM. 

The issue with sending a fax was that you needed a hard copy of what you needed to send, which after it was sent would have been of no significance. That just made it all difficult, increasing the amount of lying documents on the desk. 

Although many might now call it a traditional way of transmitting documents over the wire, many companies also rely on delivering faxes for their paperwork and office purposes. Fax machines are still used by companies and even people in different parts of the world for different purposes. 

Instead of focusing on buying gigantic fax machines, companies, particularly small businesses, could reduce their expenses by going online. When everything is online, it has become a blessing for business owners to send faxes online, and also for free. 

There are a few great websites that only work to have your faxes delivered globally, at your desktop convenience, and for free. Here are five websites that allow you to send faxes in and out of your country not only document records, but even image files, excel files, and also powerpoint presentations.


The best free online fax service provider that enables you to send and receive faxes through your computer is CocoFax. You can actually send faxes on the go via your laptop and even your smartphones. 

Owing to the high-end services it offers, it makes all other technology obsolete. After all, who thought that computer faxing was even possible? Here is how to send fax from pc using CocoFax

It offers various ways to send faxes from a desktop and also receive them. One of the best features is that the CocoFax is also a mobile app, which is available from every computer’s web browser, whether it’s a Windows PC, Mac, or any other computer. 

Once you create an account, it allows you to send or receive the faxes free for 30 days. But once the trial period is over, you’ll have to buy a subscription plan based on your needs. 

A device, a web browser, an Internet connection and a CocoFax account are what you need. CocoFax also provides you with a free fax number to get one, meaning you don’t have to jump through hoops.

It allows you to send or receive faxes in almost all the file formats including DOCX, XLSX, PDF, and various image file formats. To read more about CocoFax, click here.   


FaxZero has been busy sending more than 6.5 million faxes worldwide for nothing. In addition to a spreadsheet, you can fax a maximum number of 3 pages and only 5 free faxes a day which is reasonable given there is no extra fee for the service. 

For each article, the kinds of documentation you should add are .doc, .docx or .pdf archives, all under 20MB. All you need is a valid email address in order to register with the service and begin sending faxes. 

You can get a URL for a confidential fax status page after you validate the submission of your fax. If you lose this URL, you won’t be able to get a duplicate version. The page shows in real time the status of your fax, irrespective of the probability that the email transference acknowledgement is destroyed. 

Faxes submitted inside the U.S. and Canada are completely free, but you can still do this with a limited amount of charge for faxing all around the world.


Another to-go choice for sending faxes for free on the network is HelloFax. Sending faxes to international numbers is absolutely free at HelloFax, almost everything except for the fact that you require a Hotmail or Google Drive account to use the app. For additional reference, faxes sent through this administration will be put away in your Google Drive account, making your life a little simpler. 

With this application, the drawback is that you have to pay out cash to get faxes into your account. That is, any time you get a fax, you would need to pay a small fee in order to open and read it. 

After registering with it to send free fax such as setting a pin, inviting friends, tweeting about the fax site on twitter or posting on facebook or accepting any partner to enter on this site, the incentive is five fax pages a day for each bid completed on this site. The fax site offers energising additional rewards to consumers.


Popfax is a popular online fax management system for sending/getting faxes online from all over the world. From more than 500 local communities in 20 countries, you can get a community fax call. For Popfax’s free online fax service, there are no Visa points or credit card necessary. 

The Popfax website is mainly designed to submit free faxes in different languages such as English, French, Italian, Roman and so on. The first thing that happens to use it is that the safe code is sent to you and the user after you sign up, you just need your email ID. After the security test, the information or data to be transmitted is then prepared. 


In order to send the fax, no product setup is required and the customer can send or receive 1000 faxes at the same time. Enjoy other advantages as well.

There is not just one “number one rated fax service” here—-there are two! FAX.PLUS, a very competent looking outfit boasting to have corporate customers. 

It’s evident that this service is targeted first at business customers, so it’s the free service we’re interested in. With additional pages costing you $0.20 a page, you get 10 free pages to mail. The free service is for the sole purpose of sending faxes via their website or using their fax service email, and you cannot accept faxes without upgrading. 

Ending Note 

Now that you know about different faxing websites there’s nothing keeping you from checking them out. Give CocoFax a try, though before you invest in a fax machine or other devices.

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