5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a New Mobile

Buying a new mobile after checking good mobile offers online is common these days, but while doing so are you also looking at the specifications so you could put to use in the best way. Off course, smart phones are more handy and come with several loaded features, but what use of all the features when you stay in a mobile network restricted area, or looking at the cost factor if you ended up investing in a basic phone and live in a city which requires Smartphone features. It makes it worth to give it a thought and simply not falling for mobile offer alone. Below are some important factors for you to consider while you are selecting a new phone.

Battery life

A long lasting battery, with a fast recharging ability is considered the best. This is important as these days we are using more of mobile apps then just use it for talking/ voice.  It is an important point to consider as based on whether you use it to watch videos, or create short video and edit them or use it purely for entertainment, like playing games and watching TV or movies or depending on whether you have equipped it as a small office space of your own, you will have different levels of battery usage.


The RAM and ROM both the important as one determines the speed and the later is related to the storage space it offers. In my opinion whether you are using it for office or for entertainment you got to choose the ones with good RAM and ROM. An average user usually can go for standard 2GB RAM and 16GM ROM, but a high usage would demand at least 3 to 4GB Ram and 64GB ROM, to effectively handle your requirements. It should be able to store all your works and images or videos and other work related PDF’s or word docs, calendar and be able to take notes of grocery list to office minutes of a meetings.


If you are a non techie person like me you could follow a simple thumb rule of checking out the processing speed mentioned in the specification section of the mobile phone. It is usually expressed in GHz (Gigahertz). The higher the value mentioned the better the processing speed would be. It makes sense to go for a higher processor if you love to multitask using your mobile phone, such as if you like to use voice calling simultaneously edit a document and check whatsapp and check mails and yet be ready for video clipping, you will require a good processor so everything works seamlessly.


Commonly smart phones have bigger screen size. The ideal phone can have 5.5 – 6 inches of good display. This display is good for enjoying good media as well as for video conferencing both. At the same time this is a standard size created to be more functional to carry in a pocket or purse. Carry too large phones can be a nuisance, especially if cannot keep it inside your pocket or purse safely when not in use, increasing the chance of losing them or  damaging them as it might keep slipping out of grip because of the size. 

Operating system and Camera

There are namely two OS a mobile phones can function, one is iOS and another is Android. All apple phones use IOS, and rest of smart phones widely available in the market is using Android Operating system. Several new features are frequently updated in android resulting in bloatware, which results in slowing down your smart phone. Having a good camera is a must, especially with dual camera feature with good megapixel to ensure best image and video quality.

Looking at all the above mentioned features and the combination of all the above points, the cost of mobile phone would vary. Therefore, visiting trusted web stores and checking of specifications is worthwhile instead of checking for mobile offers first. I would suggest you check your requirements first and match it with the right phone model specifications of smartphone and lastly checkout the best offers for that either online or visit a mobile store, you could try Huawei mobile offers too.

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