What features are the most important in ear buds?

The ear buds you cannot imagine living without, at least 80% of the people like me cannot. Like every other useful products out there, there are several manufacturers offering ear buds, at different prices and often so competitive that it does get hard to choose one for ourselves. While most would go by the best brands available around us and are least bothered about safety and many more features, but there are others who have to be concerned about the price and quality both. The idea is to get the best value for money and yet have the safest ear buds to go with you all day long. Here are few basic features to look for in your new ear buds.

Perfect fit

We use ear buds for comfort and the convenience to go hands free while we choose or have several tasks to do simultaneously in a busy day. Especially when you have a video call or listen to music, comfort is the key to all the ear buds we buy. We don’t want our ear buds to keep slipping off while we are using them. Looking for customizable ear buds is the best option to go for. Different ear buds come with different size ear tips, which should help you keep the ear buds intact in your ear canal.

Battery life

The battery life of most of the ear buds would be anywhere between three to four hours, which depending on the usage can be toped up with a charging case. Usually brands that offer more battery life offer a combination with case and earbuds, which would last about 12 to 14 hours at a stretch, making it best for long travels and adventure for even carrying out a busy day at an event or if you have office meetings lined up back to back.

Noise cancellation

Brands like Huawei buds 4 have beautiful noise cancellation. Noise cancellation is an every earbud feature these days, not very unique but worth looking for it in the specifications section of any earbuds you choose to buy. Noise cancellation feature if you are not aware is the one which allows you to filter out surrounding commotions or sounds so you can still enjoy what you are streaming or want to enjoy listening to. Moreover, noise cancellation would protect your ears and mind from getting distracted with the surrounding environment, with a good audio experience.

Codec support in wireless earbuds

Most of the wireless earbuds will supports format, but this codec will not support high resolution music, this codec is common in budgeted wireless earbuds. However if you wish to hear the music or videos you must go in for aptX or LDAC codec supported earbuds. Although many would vouch for AAC audio Codec, as it is more compatible with a wide variety of OS, such as Android, Mac, ioS, windows and more. To simplify, you must know that aptX audio codec is android compatible and AAC is high quality codec support by Apple products.

Earbud controls

A complete hands free earbuds would have controls from where you can take control of your calls, increase or decrease volume, and change tracks while listening to some good music. These features can be found in little mid range to high range earbud models. Having this feature would help you a great deal and ease of work, especially when outdoors or handling busy works indoor. It’s easy to operate as once you pair your mobile with it you can pretty much control most of the audio related features with the earbud controls.

Audio quality

This is probably the most important feature, what good can an earbud with poor audio be of any use to you? Every earbud such as Huawei buds 4 and other brands mention the driver size, which is measured in mm (millimeters) and this detail is also included in the specification. Along with the good audio quality it is also important to take a note of the frequency range too. The ideal frequency range would be anywhere between 20Hz to 20 Hz. While this may still not guaranty a high quality sounds which you might expect but it will definitely be a safe range to use the earbuds for human use.

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