5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Earphones

It has never been a day when I have personally not used earphones, they are comfortable, easy and highly functional especially when are multi tasking with your hands full all the time. Either I am writing or driving earphones I know I cannot skip, such is the importance of earphones in my life and I am sure it adds up more functionality in your life too. I will not hesitate to admit that every time there has been a new earphone in the market I have owned them, the recent being freebuds 4i Bluetooth. With a wide variety and brands available in the market it has definitely become a challenge to select the best one, therefore,  if you are facing it has a difficulty here are some tips to bear in mind while you go for a new earphone.

Acoustic system and frequency

This represents the design, a closed acoustic would prevent noise from in and outside into the earphone, and an open acoustic system is the opposite exactly.  A good fit closed acoustic earphone can reduce noise effectively, therefore check this out. Check out the frequency range of the earphone, the broader it can cover the better it will be for you.


Impedance refers to the circuit resistance to the electrical signals, it should be less as more impedance would result in lesser sound levels due to lack of electric signals. Go for 25 Ohms or lesser. Small portable earphones will not come with in-built amplifiers; therefore, low impedance is great. On the contrary having an in-built amplifier would allow getting better results if you are using it for djing or sound system. At this time you would require above 35 Ohms best to be used with devices with heavy duty amplifiers. Also there is something called magnet type which is said to affect the pricing of the earphones, Neodymium is better than Ferrite, it doesn’t make much of a difference as in what type of magnet has been used. 

Sensitivity and diaphragm

A sensitivity range of 80 to 110 DB is considered good. It is basically the measure for the sound produced by every one mill watt of the electrical signal, which is measured in dB/ mW.  The later, is a thin membrane just like we have in our ears that is supposed to vibrate while producing the sound. The diaphragm comes in different shapes such as horn, cone or dome. The materials used to create them also vary. 

Voice coil and wireless technology

The coil wire in the earphones is referred as voice coil, it is made up of aluminum or copper coated aluminum.  CCAW is the coil wire used in the earphones at present. Talking about wireless technologies, there are quite a few in uses, such as Near-field communication, Radio Frequency and infrared, 

Noise Cancellation

This is very important feature of any earphone as such earphones pick up the surrounding noises and cancels them out while playing the sound you wish to hear. Therefore, this feature is a must especially if you tend to use them in noise surroundings like while you are walking on the street or working in an industrial environment, it is a much needed feature to check for in an earphone.

Lastly, you must understand that the company create earphone keeping in mind a specific end role and surround you will be using them, therefore, if you think one earphone can go for all types of works and situations then you are wrong. It is very important for you to know where you are going to need an earphone then it would be great. For example,  wired ear buds work great while you are in a metro, or flying, similarly wireless ear buds would give you great comfort while you work at home or outdoor for an activity. Wired headphones on the contrary are great to be used while you are doing a desktop work and stationed in one place for long hours. Wireless headphones are best to be used for gaming, watching games or working on laptop for long hours.

Choosing the right earphone with the end use in mind is a great way to invest in a good quality earphone. Like I use Huawei freebuds 4i bluetooth as most of my work requires mobility, in and out of home and workplace.

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