Google has never failed to improve on its software functionality as well as continue to impress users with the release of timely and ever-improving operating systems for mobile. The Android 12 which is code named ‘Snow Cone’ is the thirtieth minor version and the twelfth major version of the android operating system.

Following the recent announcement by Google in February 2021 that the Android 12 which is the latest version of the android operating system and it will soon be made available to all consumers, many users have continued looking forward to enjoying the more seamless function the Android OS has been known for.

Android 12 comes with a whole new user interphase, a one hand user’s mode, better privacy control and a whole lot of other cool upgrades compare to the predecessors of the android releases.  

While the announcement was made February – when the developers launched newer version of the operating system preview and released in beta version. Based on previous trends, most of the features made available for its beta version find their way to the stable version when released later this year. 

Though, the beta version is currently at the 5th version and still only available for development, testing and feedback at least officially.

However, some mobile phone manufacturers partnering with Google and relying on the Google operating system such as Samsung and Nokia among many other Google pixel devices may have already begun to incorporate some of Android 12’s upgrades in their latest Android device release.

In fact, the newest android operating system is expected to have a whole new user’s interface design different from previous trends and here are some major improvements you should expect when the standard version which expected to be release in October.

Pin Code Screens 

The very first thing that most android devices users notice when switching on their smartphone or mobile device is the PIN/password entry field which these users are already accustomed to. In fact, most users already rely on the T9 letter layout for memorizing their password. 

However, the latest Android 12 OS has completely abandoned this PIN/password entry field screen and replaced it with only a PIN entry screen, which has also been adjusted to completely block out the users wallpaper when they pull it up.

The new operating system lock entry screen now looks similar to the SIM PIN entry screen with only numerals as the T-9 letter layout has been abandoned. Moreover, the entry screen has 0-9 digits arranged in round large buttons with proper numeral boundaries which we are guessing might also be adopted on the phone dialer. 

The cancel button is on the left bottom side and the enter button is positioned on the right bottom side.

Improved Privacy Options 

Previous versions of Google OS have continued to improve user’s privacy especially with Android 11 new privacy setting features allows the users grant full or partial access permissions to apps. 

However, Android 12 comes with major improvements which allow the users to grant approximate location access rather than precise location. It also has a new privacy dashboard which gives the users quick access to monitor which apps have certain permissions while those permissions can easily be enable or disable at user’s desire.

More so, the Android 12’s new privacy setting also has a toggle which allows the user to disable their phone’s microphone, location and camera so they can prevent apps from accessing their data without their permission and a sensor access indicator which notifies the users of which apps have access to their phone’s camera or microphone.

In fact, the Android 12 is designed to totally put user’s privacy solely in their hands and prevents any unauthorized access to the user’s data.

Lock Screen Digital Clock 

The first beta version of Android 12 released revealed a new large lock screen digital clock display on Google pixel phones which becomes smaller when notifications began to pop up. The clock then returns to its large size when the user have sort out the notifications.

A notable difference between Android 12’s version and previous version is the arrangement of the digital clock. Previously, the hour and minute digits were placed in the same line but a recent upgrade made sure the hour and minute digits are now on separate lines, which gives the users some tone of virtual understanding of the time. Thus, the large clock display.

Scrollable Screenshots 

One new feature the users will definitely enjoy is the scrollable screenshot feature. This new feature offers users the chance of taking one long screenshot arranged in the right order. Though, the users might probably enjoy this feature already, if they are Samsung Galaxy subscribers. 

The new improvements also give users the ability to edit their screenshot.

Android 12 also brings another useful feature for those using google pixel phones, such as improved auto-rotate functionality which now rely on the front camera to determine the direction the screen should be rotated.

New Picture-in-Picture Controls

This new feature might have been regular with a specific brand of android smartphone devices, but it is more peculiar to the iOS devices. However, the swift controls gives the user a chance to adjust to their phone need in respect to the number of motions the devices can simultaneously processed. 

Let’s say you as the android 12 user is enjoying a movie but you also remember to check on some new or need to adjust your chance of winning online sport betting. The device will be to continue your video playing option without pause while you are surfing for the latest odds including the NBA odds and picks for the upcoming games.

Instead of exiting the video play section, the users can allow the video to float on their phone’s screen while they also visit other templates on the phone. Although this feature isn’t new, an additional option which allows users to enlarge the window without going full-screen has just been added.

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