The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tablet In Daily Life

The world and the education system are constantly changing day by day. After the invention of tablets, the first question that peeped into everyone’s mind about education is which one is the best: tablets or textbooks. A tablet comes up with compact storage and is convincing though there are some negative aspects of it. On the other hand, textbooks bring the students’ integration and there is a lack of health issues.

A tablet is used as a replacement for a laptop. It is portable and very easy to use. A tablet offer to watch movies and play games. Huawei MetaBook D16 is such an excellent tablet that offers users amazing features. However, there are some down points too. Therefore in this post we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of tablet in daily life.

The Advantages Of Tablet In Daily Life

It is a lightweight device that is affordable and easy to carry. You have to spend only a short time setting up this device. Most people prefer this device because of its small size and because it can be used in many places. Moreover, tablets are available cheaper or e than laptops. There are several advantages of tablet in our daily life. They are as follows: 

1) Portability: Tablets are more popular than laptops. They are smaller in size and we can use it in more places. In our day to day life we need tablets to do any work because we can not carry laptops to everywhere. 

2) Impressive Design: The people who can not carry their PC, tablets are a great option for them. They are small, portable and comes up with an outstanding design. This is a helpful way to opt for the students who like to study on the go. 

3) Reading and note-taking: Tablets have done out note-taking process very easy. With the help of the digital notebooks and digital libraries it has become very easy. It is used as an alternative to paper. If you are a teacher or a student it will help you take notes digitally and you can do them easily with anyone. 

4) Versatility: You can not do your work freely on a laptop or mobile. On the other hand, we can use tablets as a slate, worksheets, artists’ canvas, journals, cameras, laptops, whiteboards, and so on. Tablet offers you an opportunity to download learning applications and fun games for your kids. 

5) Large Screen: The large screen of a tablet makes our work more easy. We can prepare our presentations, edit videos, and watch movies in this large screen easily. 

The Disadvantages Of Tablet In Daily Life: 

Despite of this above mentioned advantages of tablet it has also some disadvantages too in our daily life. Some disadvantages are listed below: 

1) Expensive: Tablets are more expensive than desktops. If you want to buy a new tablet you have to spend a lot of money. Even an used tablet also cost higher than traditional computers. 

2) High screen damage: Tablets are more hazardous than normal desktops and laptops. Our everyday life can be fallen in problems die to the screen of the tablet. Though there are protective cases to prevent it from any damage, still they are not enough to prevent it from all damages. 

3) The camera quality: The camera quality of a tablet is very low that is why it is supposed to be the biggest the disadvantage which tablet. When you want to take high-quality videos or images for business purposes you may face problems. The cameras present on the tablet are not up to the mark. 

4) Hardware Damage: The tablets are very much fragile. It can be easily damaged and the replacement cost is very high. The hardware can be damaged by a drop or snag. You have to use a high-quality cover to avoid this issue as much as you can. 

5) Capabilities: Tablets are not as strong as laptops or computers. For heavy computer work, we have to use laptops or computers, not tablets. 

Final Words

We can use tablets at any place with a good internet connection. As you are traveling by plane it will not work. You can also use tablets that are available without screens known as e-readers which are perfect for reading books. Hope you have got a clear idea about the advantages and disadvantages of tablets in daily life through this article.

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