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In this article you will find Amazing khajiit Names. The khajiit are a race of humanoid cats. They’re nomadic in nature, and their feline bodies give them great agility. They’re also known for their intelligence and trading skills. Cool Khajiit names mostly describe the talents or skills of the to-be-named. In the games of Arena and Daggerfall Khajiit also had family names. However, since Redguard this concept is no longer followed. Legends once again introduced a Khajiit with a possible family name.

“Khajiit are commonly considered one of the beast folks, one of the few survivors of the original inhabitants of Tamriel before the coming of mer and man, and Elsweyr is their home.” Let us check some interesting names of Khajiit in different categories and after the names, we also discuss some interesting facts about the Khajiit so let us dive into our topic.

Cool Amazing khajiit Names

Sometimes Khajiit take a byname or nickname with meaning, either Cyrodilic or in Ta’agra. They can be taken additionally to the Khajiiti name, either as suffix, prefix. Nicknames also can be used in appropriate situation, but note that they do not replace the name entirely. you can also use these Cool Funny UserNames For Instagram and Gamers

As far as surnames go, they seem to be inspired by Indian and Arabian cultures to a degree, similar to their accents. However, since Morrowind khajiit no longer have last names (in game), so only half of the generated names will have a last name, for those who wish to use them nonetheless. Find Below cool khajiit Names for you.

Female prefixes

  • Daro : Thief, clever, ingenious.
  • Dra : For a grandmother, an elder and wise female.
  • Ko : For mages and healers, also illustrious female ancestors.
  • La : For non-married females.

Male Prefixes

  • Dar : Thief, clever, ingenious.
  • Dro : For a grandfather, a patriarch or a wise male.
  • Jo : For wizard and scholar.
  • Ra : For chief (Military or clans…).
  • Ri : A rare title, for kings or Mane.

Genderless prefixes

  • Do : For warriors.
  • J/Ja/Ji : For a young adult or a bachelor. Someone who lacks experience.
  • M/Ma : For a child or an apprentice.
  • Qa : Unknown meaning.
  • S : For an adult.
  • Sa : Unknown meaning.
  • Sha : Unknown meaning.

all of the male Khajiit names in Arena and Daggerfall are:

Ab’ar, Ab’bar, Ab’bil, Ab’der, Ab’dul, Ab’gh, Ab’ir, Ab’kir, Ab’med, Ab’nir, Ab’noud, Ab’sien, Ab’soud, Ab’taba, Ab’tabe, Ab’urabi,
Ak’ar, Ak’bar, Ak’bil, Ak’der, Ak’dul, Ak’gh, Ak’ir, Ak’kir, Ak’med, Ak’nir, Ak’noud, Ak’sien, Ak’soud, Ak’taba, Ak’tabe, Ak’urabi,
Akh’ar, Akh’bar, Akh’bil, Akh’der, Akh’dul, Akh’gh, Akh’ir, Akh’kir, Akh’med, Akh’nir, Akh’noud, Akh’sien, Akh’soud, Akh’taba, Akh’tabe, Akh’urabi,
Amar, Ambar, Ambil, Amder, Amdul, Amgh, Amir, Amkir, Ammed, Amnir, Amnoud, Amsien, Amsoud, Amtaba, Amtabe, Amurabi,

Fa’ar, Fa’bar, Fa’bil, Fa’der, Fa’dul, Fa’gh, Fa’ir, Fa’kir, Fa’med, Fa’nir, Fa’noud, Fa’sien, Fa’soud, Fa’taba, Fa’tabe, Fa’urabi,
Husar, Husbar, Husbil, Husder, Husdul, Husgh, Husir, Huskir, Husmed, Husnir, Husnoud, Hussien, Hussoud, Hustaba, Hustabe, Husurabi,

Moar, Mobar, Mobil, Moder, Modul, Mogh, Moir, Mokir, Momed, Monir, Monoud, Mosien, Mosoud, Motaba, Motabe, Mourabi,
Mohamar, Mohambar, Mohambil, Mohamder, Mohamdul, Mohamgh, Mohamir, Mohamkir, Mohammed, Mohamnir, Mohamnoud, Mohamsien, Mohamsoud, Mohamtaba, Mohamtabe, Mohamurabi,
Mojar, Mojbar, Mojbil, Mojder, Mojdul, Mojgh, Mojir, Mojkir, Mojmed, Mojnir, Mojnoud, Mojsien, Mojsoud, Mojtaba, Mojtabe, Mojurabi,

Naar, Nabar, Nabil, Nader, Nadul, Nagh, Nair, Nakir, Named, Nanir, Nanoud, Nasien, Nasoud, Nataba, Natabe, Naurabi,
Omar, Ombar, Ombil, Omder, Omdul, Omgh, Omir, Omkir, Ommed, Omnir, Omnoud, Omsien, Omsoud, Omtaba, Omtabe, Omurabi,

Shaar, Shabar, Shabil, Shader, Shadul, Shagh, Shair, Shakir, Shamed, Shanir, Shanoud, Shasien, Shasoud, Shataba, Shatabe, Shaurabi,
Sinar, Sinbar, Sinbil, Sinder, Sindul, Singh, Sinir, Sinkir, Sinmed, Sinnir, Sinnoud, Sinsien, Sinsoud, Sintaba, Sintabe, Sinurabi,

Za’ar, Za’bar, Za’bil, Za’der, Za’dul, Za’gh, Za’ir, Za’kir, Za’med, Za’nir, Za’noud, Za’sien, Za’soud, Za’taba, Za’tabe, Za’urabi,
Zan’ar, Zan’bar, Zan’bil, Zan’der, Zan’dul, Zan’gh, Zan’ir, Zan’kir, Zan’med, Zan’nir, Zan’noud, Zan’sien, Zan’soud, Zan’taba, Zan’tabe, Zan’urabi

all of the female Khajiit names in Arena and Daggerfall are:

Aahin, Aahni, Afeliz, Ahana, Aheh, Ahrazad, Ajjan, Akhtar, Anita, Araya, Ariba, Ashima, Ashivari, Asrin, Atima, Azita,
Aziahin, Aziahni, Azifeliz, Azihana, Aziheh, Azihrazad, Azijjan, Azikhtar, Azinita, Aziraya, Aziriba, Azishima, Azisrin, Azitima, Azizita,

Elaahin, Elaahni, Elafeliz, Elahana, Elaheh, Elahrazad, Elajjan, Elakhtar, Elanita, Elaraya, Elariba, Elashima, Elasrin, Elatima, Elazita,
Faahin, Faahni, Fafeliz, Fa’fenia Fahana, Faheh, Fahrazad, Fajjan, Fakhtar, Fanita, Faraya, Fariba, Fashima, Fasrin, Fatima, Fazita,

Khaahin, Khaahni, Khafeliz, Khahana, Khaheh, Khahrazad, Khajjan, Khakhtar, Khanita, Kharaya, Khariba, Khashima, Khasrin, Khatima, Khazita,
Kiahin, Kiahni, Kifeliz, Kihana, Kiheh, Kihrazad, Kijjan, Kikhtar, Kinita, Kiraya, Kiriba, Kishima, Kisrin, Kitima, Kizita,

Moahin, Moahni, Mofeliz, Mohana, Moheh, Mohrazad, Mojjan, Mokhtar, Monita, Moraya, Moriba, Moshima, Mosrin, Motima, Mozita,
Naahin, Naahni, Nafeliz, Nahana, Naheh, Nahrazad, Najjan, Nakhtar, Nanita, Naraya, Nariba, Nashima, Nasrin, Natima, Nazita,

Raahin, Raahni, Rafeliz, Rahana, Raheh, Rahrazad, Rajjan, Rakhtar, Ranita, Raraya, Rariba, Rashima, Rasrin, Ratima, Razita,
Riahin, Riahni, Rifeliz, Rihana, Riheh, Rihrazad, Rijjan, Rikhtar, Rinita, Riraya, Ririba, Rishima, Risrin, Ritima, Rizita,

Saahin, Saahni, Safeliz, Sahana, Saheh, Sahrazad, Sajjan, Sakhtar, Sanita, Saraya, Sariba, Sashima, Sasrin, Satima, Sazita,
Shaahin, Shaahni, Shafeliz, Shahana, Shaheh, Shahrazad, Shajjan, Shakhtar, Shanita, Sharaya, Shariba, Shashima, Shasrin, Shatima, Shazita,
Soahin, Soahni, Sofeliz, Sohana, Soheh, Sohrazad, Sojjan, Sokhtar, Sonita, Soraya, Soriba, Soshima, Sosrin, Sotima, Sozita,

Taahin, Taahni, Tafeliz, Tahana, Taheh, Tahrazad, Tajjan, Takhtar, Tanita, Taraya, Tariba, Tashima, Tasrin, Tatima, Tazita,
Zaahin, Zaahni, Zafeliz, Zahana, Zaheh, Zahrazad, Zajjan, Zakhtar, Zanita, Zaraya, Zariba, Zashima, Zasrin, Zatima, Zazita

all of the Khajiit surnames in Arena and Daggerfall are:

Abiri, Abus, Adavi, Ahan, Ahir, Akar, Amanni, Amnin, Anai, Aoni, Arabi, Aspoor, Astae, Atani, Avandi,
Barabiri, Barabus, Baradavi, Barahan, Barahir, Barakar, Baramanni, Baramnin, Baranai, Baraoni, Bararabi, Baraspoor, Barastae, Baratani, Baravandi,

Hammubiri, Hammubus, Hammudavi, Hammuhan, Hammuhir, Hammukar, Hammumanni, Hammumnin, Hammunai, Hammuoni, Hammurabi, Hammuspoor, Hammustae, Hammutani, Hammuvandi,

Jabiri, Jabus, Jadavi, Jahan, Jahir, Jakar, Jamanni, Jamnin, Janai, Jaoni, Jarabi, Jaspoor, Jastae, Jatani, Javandi,
Khabiri, Khabus, Khadavi, Khahan, Khahir, Khakar, Khamanni, Khamnin, Khanai, Khaoni, Kharabi, Khaspoor, Khastae, Khatani, Khavandi,
Kibiri, Kibus, Kidavi, Kihan, Kihir, Kikar, Kimanni, Kimnin, Kinai, Kioni, Kirabi, Kispoor, Kistae, Kitani, Kivandi,

Mahbiri, Mahbus, Mahdavi, Mahhan, Mahhir, Mahkar, Mahmanni, Mahmnin, Mahnai, Mahoni, Mahrabi, Mahspoor, Mahstae, Mahtani, Mahvandi,

Raibiri, Raibus, Raidavi, Raihan, Raihir, Raikar, Raimanni, Raimnin, Rainai, Raioni, Rairabi, Raispoor, Raistae, Raitani, Raivandi,
Robiri, Robus, Rodavi, Rohan, Rohir, Rokar, Romanni, Romnin, Ronai, Rooni, Rorabi, Rospoor, Rostae, Rotani, Rovandi,

Sabiri, Sabus, Sadavi, Sahan, Sahir, Sakar, Samanni, Samnin, Sanai, Saoni, Sarabi, Saspoor, Sastae, Satani, Savandi,
Sibiri, Sibus, Sidavi, Sihan, Sihir, Sikar, Simanni, Simnin, Sinai, Sioni, Sirabi, Sispoor, Sistae, Sitani, Sivandi,
Solbiri, Solbus, Soldavi, Solhan, Solhir, Solkar, Solmanni, Solmnin, Solnai, Soloni, Solrabi, Solspoor, Solstae, Soltani, Solvandi,

Tavakbiri, Tavakbus, Tavakdavi, Tavakhan, Tavakhir, Tavakkar, Tavakmanni, Tavakmnin, Tavaknai, Tavakoni, Tavakrabi, Tavakspoor, Tavakstae, Tavaktani, Tavakvandi,

Zabiri, Zabus, Zadavi, Zahan, Zahir, Zakar, Zamanni, Zamnin, Zanai, Zaoni, Zarabi, Zaspoor, Zastae, Zatani, Zavandi

So these are some of the amazing khajiit Names for you. If you also know any other khajiit Names then you can comment below and we will add your suggestion to this list of amazing khajiit Names.

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