The Ultimate Guide To Increased Productivity

What Is Productivity?

Despite the fact that the term “productivity” has a specific definition in economics, most people view it as a measurement unit of the work put into some sort of goal. While that is one part of it, productivity is much more reliant on the overall efficiency of the devoted effort. Increased productivity isn’t strictly connected with working hard – it’s more about working smart.

There’s no single method that’s going to make every person on the planet more productive as soon as they implement it – especially since the concept depends on multiple different aspects. However, there are few habits that you can introduce to your everyday life, which will make the journey towards being more productive far more bearable.

Six Proven Ways Towards Increased Productivity

1) Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

It’s easy to get caught up in the time constraints that you set for yourself. You can create a seemingly perfect schedule, and there’s still some unexpected occurrence that prevents you from following it to the letter. This is why it’s a much better solution to plan your activities according to how you’re feeling, as well as how many tasks you have waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to put something off for another day, especially If it’s a day where you won’t be overwhelmed. Have an idea of your tasks while remaining flexible.

2) Plan the Night Before

A simple to-do list before you go to sleep can stop you from wasting time the day after. As soon as you wake up, you’ll know what the next thing on the agenda is. This plan is supposed to be nothing more than a simple framework; a foundation that you can modify and build upon as the day progresses. Studies show the highest importance of the earliest hours in the day – especially around the time of 7-9 AM. Planning this particular timeframe the night before will help you set a positive tone for the rest of the day.

3) Stay Away From Your Phone

In today’s world where everyone is connected and easily accessible, there’s no lack of constant distractions. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger productivity killer than a notification from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other app while you’re working on an important task. The temptations are often too strong to the point where you put the job on pause while you check a post or answer a message. According to research from 2017, the mere presence of a smartphone in the room is enough to reduce one’s cognitive capacity. The best solution is to turn off the phone and leave it in the other room – at least until you finish the job.

4) Sit or Stand Up

The human body isn’t meant to remain still in the same position for longer periods of time – in fact, it was designed for constant movement. This is why changing up the routine – from sitting to standing and vice-versa – can skyrocket your productivity. The simple action gets the blood flowing to the brain and boosts both concentration and focus. It also has multiple beneficial effects on the person’s overall health, especially the physical aspect.

5) Use Special Tools

From time management to CRM software, a lot of tools out there are designed to increase productivity. However, there are some that might not be as obvious at first sight. One such tool is Audext, audio to text converter meant to tailor to everyone’s needs, especially those who deal with a lot of audio content. For example, a student could use it for the transcription of video lectures for the purpose of extracting the important details and collecting notes. Attractive PowerPoint templates¬†are another great tool for increasing productivity as they help create impactful business presentations in quickly without having to create one from scratch.

Another large productivity boost is Audext’s seven minutes per audio hour standard, which is 200 times more efficient than other manual methods. This means that you can fit in a countless amount of additional work, while the tool automatically does the rest for you.

6) Develop a Morning Routine

Having a pattern for the start of each day can help prepare your body and mind for what’s to come. Most people tend to do stretching exercises, a light jog around the block or even meditation. Even something as simple as making your bed right when you wake up can have a beneficial effect. While developing a proper routine can be quite difficult, especially in the beginning, it’s one of the most effective productivity boosters known to man.

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