Best Android Phones For Selfie

Top 10 Best Android Phones For Selfie 2016.Best Selfie Android Phones. About every phone that is launched now will have a camera module. People love to take selfies with front cameras. Keeping that in mind the list given below has been created of the phones that packs best class front cameras hence called selfie phones

Top 10 Best Selfie Android Phones 2016

1) Huawei Honor 7 

It packs a huge primary camera module i.e 20 MP with a dual-LED flash and the secondary camera of 8 MP sensor with LED flash.

The main feature of this phone is that it has LED flash with front camera too that makes it a great cameraphone for selfies.

The quality of both the cameras is very good,overall it is the best cameraphone too

2) Motorola Moto X pure edition

The stock android running giant that packs in quality hardware that includes quad HD panel,stereo speakers,hexa-core snapdragon 808 chip,3GB ram etc,
but the main feature that makes it the best selfie phone is its camera modules that are 21 MP primary camera and 5 Mp secondary camera units.
It performs very well in case of photo shooting and for selfies also.

3) HTC Desire EYE

There are just very few devices that manages to retain their place in the list of the best camera phone and Htc Desire Eye is the one that leads all of them.
This could be called the selfie flagship of camera phones as it consists of all about same camera sensors at both front and rear sides and both provides exceptional experience in case of photo shooting.

4) Sony Xperia c4

We know that the Sony leads the market in case of its cameras and also in race of smartphone cameras too.Here is the another product Sony Xperia c4 that packs a sony made 5 MP Exmor RS and LED flash-toting selfie cam that performs really well.
You can consider to buy it as it is a very stylish phone that was made keeping the still photography in mind by the company.

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5) Sony Xperia C5 Ultra

Although slightly cheaper than Sony Xperia c4 it is a 6 inches phablet with about 1 inch bigger screen.
It evolves a pair of identical 13 MP cams,featuring everything from Exmor RS to autofocus,wide angle lenses and superior auto modes.
Because it have great camera sensors,it is therefore one of the best selfie phones.

6) Asus Zenfone Selfie

This 5.5 inch screened phablet has a duo of 13 MP snapers and dual-LED flash too on both front and back.
With all other great features like 1080p screen, octa-core processor,3 GB ram and 32 GB ROM this device is surely the best that could buy.Including many features this phone is great selfie expert too.

7) Samsung Galaxy J7

With great hardware combination this phone excells in case of selfie photoshooting.With its great camera module on the front panel you can create best selfies as it is 5 MP camera with LED flash too.

It also has great software support by samsung in the camera app that gives its best to just make the great performance.

8) Sony Xperia C3

Large screen phablet that consists of 5.5 inch screen is also endorsed by 5 MP secondary cam that is also furnished with a soft LED flash,smile detection and Superior Auto functions.

The camera in the front is great with some more features like 25mm wide-angle lens at 80 degrees that is great for taking selfies.

9) Samsung Galaxy J5

The smaller model of J7 is surprisingly is not that great although it is a decent smartphone for those who just wants 13 MP camera module at the rear and a 5 MP shooter at the front that do performs decent in such a price range.

Both front and back cameras has a LED flash combined to it.

10) Blu Selfie

The most affordable smartphone in the list has a very good camera module attached to its hardware.

It has the astounding 13 MP LED Flash camera at its front and the same type of module on its rear that is just a great deal in such a price range.

You also get some great software and hardware features packed on this device.

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