How To Charge Android Battery Faster

charge Android battery faster : Today we are here with some best ways to charge your Android smartphone faster. Follow the full post to know about it.

How To Charge Android Battery Faster

The ways I am going to tell you are really very powerful and there is no need to install any third party app. You just need to perform some simple tweaks that will let you charge your Android battery quickly.

Now a day’s everyone have best Smartphones, and if you know these Tips and Tricks for Android you are utilizing your smartphone at it best. But If your Smartphone is having less speed or it is slow then you have to speed up your phone , so in this post we will discuss how to charge your Android Battery Faster.

  1. Use Airplane Mode While Charging

In Airplane mode, all your networks get stopped and that is always the best mode to charge your Android. As at that time your battery consumption will go very down and you can easily charge it with great efficiency. Even this tweak can reduce your charging time to up to 40% so must try this.

2. Turn off Your Phone If Possible for faster Charging

This mode is most effective when you need emergency battery charged in a very short time. In this mode you, battery consumption goes to zero and it gets charged quickly as compare to the running Android with lots of running apps

3. Use Original Charger Adapter & Data Cable

Only the products that are specially designed for your Android from the manufacture are the best compatible with your Android. So better is to use the original charger for quick battery charging.

4. Never use your phone while in Charging

Many rumors are there which shows that using a phone while charging make smartphones to explode, but it is yet to be proven. But one thing is for sure that using your smartphone while charging will increase your overall charging time. So we suggest you to never use smartphone while charging

5. Never charge your phone from PC or Laptop

The reason behind this is very simple whenever you charge your phone from PC, it will not do any benefit to your phone because computer USB ports are typically 5V @ 0.5 amp. Since the USB provides half the current, it charges the phone at half the speed.

6. Don’t charge battery from 0 to 100%

The study claims that full recharge will shorten the battery’s lifespan. However, you might have noticed that whenever your phone’s battery reaches the 50% mark it starts to drain itself more quickly compared to 100% to 50%? Actually, this happens. So, make sure charge your phone whenever it is about to reach 50% and remove the charger whenever it reaches 95% you will experience better battery life and fast charging too.

7. Start Using Fast Charging Android app

Fast Charging is an ultimate tool, which can boost your battery charging speed by 20-40%. This app will automatically activate when you connect your charger and it will boost your charging speed. When you connect your charger, Fast Charging will detect it and limit the power consumption of your phone/tablet. Then your battery doesn’t withdraw much power during the charging time and, therefore, it can charge very quickly.

So above is all about Best Ways To Charge Android Battery Faster. With the guidance of all these tips discussed above, you can easily charge up your Android device within 30-50% reduced charging time. Hope you like our work, do share these tips with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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  1. U can also use some custom kernals which is built for ur phone..and use it for fast charging,cpu overclocking and many more

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