Axie Infinity – The Ultimate NFT Game

With the NFTs soaring high in popularity, it is needless to say that everyone is trying to sell digital art and some of the weirdest things through NFT platforms. However, what we don’t realize is that there are various NFT-based games out there that deserve your attention. One of these games is Axie Infinity, and we are sharing the full review about the game and much more!

Axie Infinity – What Is It?

To begin with, Axie Infinity is a game like Pokémon, and it’s only different because it is associated with cryptocurrency with which the players will raise, trade, and battle for the cute NFT-based pets, known as Axies. 

The game is designed with two native cryptocurrencies, known as Small Love Potion and Axie Infinity Shards. Axie Infinity Shards is also known as AXS, and it can be purchased and sold through Coinbase. On the other hand, Small Love Potion is commonly termed SLP, and it’s provided to the players as rewards for spending time playing the game. 

This game was first launched in the 2021 summer, and it was the biggest cryptocurrency app that’s based on Ethereum blockchain technology/network. This game also involves battling, raising, and breeding the Axies. With this game, the Axies as well as virtual real estate are sold through a built-in marketplace in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

The majority of transactions are conducted on the high-end and efficient side-chain, known as Ronin. Ronin was developed by Sky Mavis, who set low fees as compared to the primary Ethereum blockchain technology. 

How Does This NFT-Based Game Work?

Axie Infinity has been advertised as a play-to-earn game, which means the players are allowed to sell products, such as Axies, barrels, flowers, virtual real estate, and other accessories through the built-in NFT marketplace. In addition, the players can collect tokens generated by the game. As already mentioned, there are two cryptocurrencies utilized in the game, such as;

1) The first one is AXS (Axie Infinity Shards), which is the main token and can be sold and purchased through Coinbase and profit-maximizer. The AXS is needed to play games, and you can also trade it like Dogecoin and Bitcoin. In addition to this, AXS will work as a governance token, which empowers the holders to contribute to the game’s future

2) The second is known as SLP (Small Love Potion), which is provided to the players for spending time playing the game. For instance, one can purchase SSLP for beating the opponent or for completing the quests in the game. This means that you will be able to earn more SLP when you play more. As far as the availability is concerned, this asset isn’t available on Coinbase, but you can depend on SushiSwap and Uniswap for trading these tokens 

This game was designed by Sky Mavis, who is a Vietnamese developer, back in 2018. With the growth of NFT’s popularity, the game managed to gain one million daily players by the end of August 2021. In case you are concerned about the price of the game and the tokens, it is better that you check the official website because the price of tokens keeps changing with the cryptocurrency trends. 

How To Start Playing The Axie Infinity 

To begin with, the aspirant players need to have Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallets, along with some parts of Ethereum. The users can purchase ETH from different cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase, and transfer them to the wallet. The wallets can be downloaded from their official websites, Google Play Store, or Apple’s App Store. In addition to these platforms, it can also be purchased through Metamash, and you can download its Chrome extension for connecting the wallet and the game. 

Once you have the game and tokens, you must purchase a minimum of three Axies from the built-in marketplace. Keep in mind that Sky Mavis will take around 4.25% commission from every Axie, digital real estate, and accessories that players sell. In addition, the players can breed for new Axies, which tend to cost some AXS and SLP. As far as earning SLPs is concerned, you can earn them by battling with players or by completing the quests. 

The Bottom Line 

To summarize, Axie Infinity is the newer model for crypto and NFT-oriented gaming, and it’s only time that we start seeing the importance of NFT until it’s too late (just how Bitcoin got too expensive to purchase within three to four years). So, will you play this game?

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